Sunday, July 17, 2011


I ran 7 miles early this morning without stopping. I can not believe I'm finally getting up near my goal for a 12K, I want to run this fall. Only 1/2 mile left to go. Karlton rode his bike as I ran today to push me! He said he has a whole new respect for me and call me a "little running thing". lol......... Oh! BTW.... What do you think of my new ( Brooks) running shoes? I had to get a larger pair this go around. I grew out of my other ones. I was told once I started running a 10K my feet would get bigger. Well its true! They also swell when its really hot! This time I wanted something that would not look so dirty since I run in All elements. Brooks are truly the best running shoe for me anyway. This is my 4th pr. of running shoes ( of which 2 of them have been Brooks) in my 2 yrs. and 2 months of running. ;0)

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