Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Answer

OK...You all were pretty close.......But here it was I paid for all 3 prs. of boots.....

The Black Books and the Furry Boots came from Old Navy. They were marked down to $9.99 ea.(from $40 and $35.) Then they had an extra 40% taken off of them. So.... that made them $5.99 each....But wait!!! That is not all...I had an extra 10% off coupon with me ;0). That brought them down to $5.39 ea.

The Gray boots came from Target. They were marked down to $7.98 (from $29.99) Then I used my Red Card and saved %5. Which made them $7.58.

So the grand total before tax for all 3 prs. of boots is $18.36. Not bad for under $20 huh????! With the tax they were still under $20.

I saved $86.64....That is a 82% savings!

I've Been Busy!

Check out what I have been up to see more pictures go here......

Friday, January 28, 2011

Just For Fun!!!

I bought all 3 prs. of boots last week on the same shopping trip!!! ;0) Fun stuff...... These boots original price totaled $105 for all 3 pr. Of course I bought them on Sale!!! How much do you think I paid for all 3 prs. Lets see how well you know me!! ;0)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday

I asked a question in my last post about my pictures.....Well, here is a really good hint ;0)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Family Update

I have not been blogging very much lately because the flu has been at our house for a few weeks now. Today it has marked its 3rd poor little victim, Sara Ava. I picked the 2 little ones up from school today and she told me when she coughs it hurts her throat and eyes. When I took her fever it was 101.5. Jordan started us off with this stuff and when he was almost better Karlton got it. Karlton has been on the couch or bed since Wed. but today he went to work. :0) He is not totally better but, on the mends. Now.....Sara Ava is sick. Like Josiah said , " I wonder who the next Victim will be? ". Praying that it ends with her!!!!!! But, at least it waits until one person is getting better before another one falls...It could be worse and I have a house full of sick ones. At this rate it will take 7 weeks to go through all of us. lol.....

On another note...I have been making a lot of new items for Cutie Patutuz! I just made these today...

The prices are on my website if you are interested in them. I also made the cutest Tutu Puff hair bow for a customer and am getting ready to start making a tutu formal dress for her.

We are still playing and coaching basketball. I had to coach Joel's last game since Karlton was sick. Of course we lost....ugh.... Sara Ava has a game tonight, but will not be able to play. Joel has one tomorrow night if he is still well, plus Jordan has a wrestling match. The first one I am getting to go to. He lets his dad come to watch him, but not me!!! He says he wants to get better before I come. Isn't that sweet! He did not want me coming to this one either but since it is his last one that is home I told him toooo bad I am coming and taking pictures. Lol....

Here are a couple of pictures of the kiddies games from last week..... Notice anything about the pictures???? And no its not because they are blurry, that was action mode ;0)

Oh yeah.....and my biggest accomplishment for this week is......I ran 5 1/2 miles for the first time with out stopping and in 52.3 minutes. That's pretty decent for me! I am off to run now...I am hoping that this is what is keeping me healthy, and is not going to end up being my demise!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Roxana Update

I continually get updates on Roxana and her family from where we raised all the money to help them. With the food money that we raised they were able to have a nice Christmas meal!

And here is Roxana in her new Traj'e.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Head Bands

I have posted all the head bands that I have left. Some I just recently made, plus New flowers. Stop by my website to see more.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Stop by Cutie Patutuz to see my NEW Feather Flower Hair Bow Head Bands and what I have left for Valentines. I have sold a lot in the last couple of days and have updated what is left. You don't want to miss out on something that you like...It goes fast! These make great Valentines Gifts or Accessories!!!! e-mail me at

Sara Ava's Cupcakes

We saw some really cute Snowman Cupcakes on the cover of a Magazine, and she wanted me to make them for her B/D. So that is what we did..... except they did not come out looking like snowmen..... I think they look like bears. lol......Just incase you didn't know they are suppose to be wearing earmuffs. ;0) The cupcakes were to small and the eyes were to big. We could not find the correct candy that it called for and I did not want to run to 2-3 stores to find the correct decorations, so I found what I thought would work. That's why they look like they do.

Josiah made the cupcakes and iced them, and I decorated them. At least they were made with love! ;0) BTW..... they were Orange Cream Cupcakes. I don't know if they were any good or not because they all got eaten quickly! So, I guess that is a good sign..... I already had the cake mix and the icing. I just had to buy all the candy. I ended up paying about $6-7, not bad for 18 Birthday Cupcakes.

Friday, January 14, 2011

FFF - Ice Skating

These pictures were taken last Saturday on Sara Ava's birthday, which is also her cousin Cole's B/D. Sara Ava wanted to go Ice Skating for her B/D and we were taking her until we found out her cousin was going too. So Sara Ava ended up going Ice Skating but not to celebrate her B/D. Tomorrow we are going again with a couple of her friends to celebrate. She is so excited because she loved it!

The 2 oldest boys went when they were little (about 10 yrs ago). They don't remember it at all. So it was like taking all 5 kids for the first time. At first I was going to just watch them because it was sooooo cold. It was 24 degrees outside and I did not want any part of the ice. But, the girls could not even get on the ice with out falling and would immediately get off. I told them let me get my balance and went around a few times and then came back to help them and everyone else for that matter ;0) lol......

Karlton brought Jordan later. Jordan was Wrestling all day long. Karlton had to go and pick him up early because he was not finished when it was time to leave for the party. After I helped Karlton get his balance and teach him how to take off, then it was Jordan's turn. Poor guy! I think he was the most uncoordinated out of us all. He always had to grab me and almost take me down with him.

So here are the pictures of that day.... Most are blurry because it is really hard to stop on the ice and take pictures. I was moving in most of them. Ha!

Sara Ava ready to get on the ice!

She was watching Joel try out the ice for the first time.......

Josiah made it out next..... He ended up loving it and can't wait to go back tomorrow!

Their cousin Kaylee (the blonde) and her friend. Thank goodness for these 2. They helped me with the girls a lot! Sara Ava made me almost fall once. I could not take both girls at once even though I tried. I was sore for days afterwards! Seriously!

Sara Ava watching her cousin Cole get on the ice.... I guess he was pretty funny!

Finally Sara Ava standing on her 2 own feet....

She and Lilee did lots of this........

Josiah thinking he is a pro now that he got the hang of it....

Joel actually did better Ice Skating his first time them Roller Skating....

Ham made me take like 30 pictures of him....

Jordan on the ice! He is not a fan of the ice! ;0)

My SIL helping me with Lilee.

I asked Karlton to take a picture of me spinning....I could do 3 spins in a row. He said he got a good one and this was it. ughhh....... looks like I'm dancing. I promise you that I am not! Ha! Ha!

Daddy with his little girls ;0)

Joel helping out his little sister. But not for long....he said she was to dangerous!

The 2 birthday cousins! Sorry it is so blurry. I could not stop. ;0)

We had a great time..... hopefully tomorrow will be even better!