Friday, February 29, 2008

Silly Pictures FFF #7

Happy Leap Year Day 2008. I thought I would change up my FFF this week. I usually post older pictures for FFF but this week I am also adding newer pictures.

Here are some cute pictures of Lilee to start if off..................
I thought this was the cutest picture of Lilee even if she was starting to cough. The sun was shinning down on her.

This picture totally cracks me up. (I took her shirt off so she could eat one of Joel's messy B/D cupcakes last night.) I was taking Joel's pictures and Lilee looked at me and said "cheese", with her crooked piggy tails.

Running into the corner from "Meow" (Lilee's bunbun),and was laughing the whole time.
Here are some crazy faces from Miss Sara Ava.......

This girl has so many crazy faces!!! Let me tell you, how hard it was to narrow these down!

Silly girl!

Here are the silly Joel pictures! I have plenty to chose from him too. This guy loves to dress up and be crazy all the time.

Joely the "Panther Player" and dressing his build-a-bear cat up in a matching uniform.

Joely dressing Rocky up too.

Joel giving the double loser sign. Dressed up like a tough guy.

This face totally cracks me up of Joel. This was taken back in 2006, when I was doing the kids Christmas pics.

Now for some silly Siah pics...... This is definitely one!!

Here is another one for sure!

Now Jordans turn! Jordan is a very silly Power Ranger!

As silly as he was being, he sure is cute in this picture!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday Joel!!!!!!!!!!!!

We Love You Very Much!!!!!!! We are sooo proud of you and can't not believe how big you are getting!!! Joel 7th B/D party Sat. 23rd, 2008

Joel the Panther Player Christmas morning 2007.

Seven pictures in honor of Joel turning 7...............

Joel with Lilee and Meow , Lilee's bunny Feb, 2008

Joel giving some Love on Valentines Day 2008

The Cool Joel Jan. 2008

The Handsome Joel with his new hair cut, Jan. 2008

Rudolph Joel Christmas 2007

Pirate Mickey Joel on Halloween 2007

Joel after being baptisted Sept. 2007

And one to grow on..................

Joel's first day of 1st grade Aug. 2007

Looking back at the many faces and costumes of Joel over the past few months.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Joel's Birthday Party

Joel had his Birthday Party on Saturday (23rd) at Sports Connection. He had a jumping and lazer tag party. His friends and family came, and everyone had a great time! Esp. Joel! ( there were 12 adults, 9 kids, and 2 babies.)

His Birthday is not until Thursday, so stay tuned.....more to come!

Joel waiting in the jump room for all his cousins and friends to come. I think he was afraid no one would show.

Sara Ava sure loves to jump!

Josiah and cousin Kaylee jumping.

Joel jumping with cousin Haley.

Jordan sending Lilee down the slide by herself. This kid loved it!

Mee Maw, Pee Paw, Lynn and baby Will waiting for are room to be available.

My sister Kris and her baby Bayden.

The party table! The kids waiting for some cake.
Joel with his baby sister Lilee, cousin Haley, Jordan, ( friends) Natalie and Andrea, Sara Ava, cousin Kaylee, and Josiah.

Joel's Panther cake. Joel LOVES the Panthers!

He wanted to put all his own candels on his cake.

"All done with the candles, mom"

Josiah watching the cake being brought to his little brother.

Joel making a wish and getting reading to blow out his candles.

Its time to open presents!!!!! Reading his cards that Natalie and Andrea made him. They are the sweetest little girls.

Opening his present from Nana.

Opening his present from his cousins Haley and Bayden and aunt Kris.

Lilee and Haley watching Joel open his gidt from aunt Glenda and uncle Mike.

Joel's present from Mee Maw and Paw Paw.

Joel and his Daddy.

His brothers and sisters got him this Panthers uniform for his build-a- bear.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Day at the Eye Dr.

On Monday the 4 oldest kids had their eyes checked. All 4 kiddos are good to go.No glasses needed yet. She wants to keep a close eye on Josiah, he is border line of needing glasses.But, he has always been like that since he stopped wearing glasses when he was 2. He had to wear them then because his eyes were not focusing and causing him to run into things. After I put him into Little Gym to learn balance, his eyes became better and he did not need to wear them any longer. So none of this is new for him. In the last month all 5 have been to the Eye Dr.and all have good eyes. Even Lil Miss Lilee's eye is all better. Thank you God for their healthy eyes!

Sara's first trip to the eye Dr. She is so little sitting in that big chair!

I forgot to take pictures of the other 2 boys and Josiah would not let me take his picture. (Of course)

Friday, February 22, 2008

FFF #6

First Day of School August 2006

Jordan is a big 5th grader. Last yr of elementary school.(10 yrs. old)

Josiah was starting 3rd grade. (8 yrs. old)

Joel starting kindergarden. A big school boy now. (5 yrs. old)

This was only year I had all 3 boy at the same school.

July 2006 Visit Trip to see the girls. Karlton and Lilee meet each other for the first time.
We stayed in Antigua, Guatemala this trip. This is were Lilee lived.

Daddy holding Lilee for the first time.

I really think they look alike in this picture!

Lilee was 3 1/2 months old on this trip.

I think someone is teething!

This passy is as big as she is.

In mommy's arms again, sound asleep! This was my 2nd visit trip visiting Lilee.

Discovering her finger. Look at those cubby little legs!

What a kissable face!

Lilee saying Yipee!!! My daddy is here !!!! She totally loved her daddy on this trip and did not want much to do with me once she meet him.

Sara Ava was 2 1/2 on this visit trip.

Sara Ava is one proad big sister!


A sleeping little Princessa!

Showing off her new dress... Do you like it? Those cute little shoes

were( leather) like robeez but from Gymboree. To cute!

A big smile for her Mama!

Isn't this just the picture of pure LOVE!

Daddy and both his girls! Wow! How weird is that!

Girls........ I think he looks pretty proud!

Daddy and all 3 of his girls! This was a self portrait of us together.


Sara Ava's monthly picture update:

February 2006

She was 2 and a 1 mo. old here.

Not looking very happy to me! I think she was missing her mommy and daddy!

There is almost a smile.........

Nope! Not gonna smile until my mommy and daddy come back!