Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Sneak Peak

Here is what we have been doing for 4 weekends, plus several days in between.

We have been remodeling our little bathroom. It was long over due for a new face lift! And a face lift is what we gave it, and then some. Like any home projects we ran into several unseen problems, went over budget by double, and added on some projects as well.... You know the normal stuff! But I can not complain! I am very proud of what we have accomplished and my bathroom is turning out quite lovely! It was suppose to be done this weekend....but once again we have run into a few issues. Like the grout has to dry 72 hrs before we can seal it...grrrrr! So no sealed tile this weekend. The toilet had to be put down twice because the first wax ring was to skinny and leaked all over our freshly tiled floor! ugh......

I have learned to use the chop saw and has ended up making most of the cuts that were needed. I even learned to 45 all the inside and outside corners! There was progress made today.... I cut and put in all the base boards all by my little self :0). Well enough about the boring part....onto the more interesting part...... Take a look.......

Here is our new tile floor.... It took hundreds of tiny little tiles to lay this floor and many teeny tiny cuts to lay the pieces of tile around the walls and tub! I laid all those and ended up paying for it with my back that night. ( I did not get to sleep until after 2 am.) Karlton did all the tile cutting because the pieces we needed were so small I was afraid I would cut my fingers off.

Our new bead board ceiling, vent fan, and light over the tub.... This was a last minute decision and the first thing finished. I think I like it best! You can see my new green paint peaking through. I had to put some paint on my walls to get an idea of how things are going to look. The walls are still being patched and have to be sanded so the walls will not be painted this planed :0(

Here is my new light fixture.... This is the mirror that I am using but it also got a nice new finish...a gleaming white w/ a little aged look. Can't wait until it goes back up on the wall once the walls are ready for me!

Here is my new bead board walls and chair rail. I added a board in behind the chair rail so I will have a little shelf all the way around. I am totally loving this look too! And of course I have a new built in self for extra storage! You can see what color my old walls were.
I am going for the Cottage look to go with my little cottage house! I have been transforming my house little by little into an English cottage. How do you think I have done so far? Does this look like a bathroom that would be in a cute little cottage?
I am sooo ready for this to be finished so I can decorate! Wait until you see my Shower Curtain and towels!!! I will give you a hint...... Toile. Thats all I am going to say.

Friday, July 30, 2010

FFF - Gods Promise

This was the view that I got coming into the house on Tuesday night , after a bad storm. God's promise that He will not flood the earth again...... This was an amazing rainbow! It was complete was so big that I could not fit is all into my pictures. Not only was it a complete rainbow, it was a double rainbow. You can see in one the lower pictures....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Reveal....

Everything you see in this picture cost $69.50 before my coupons. I used 3 coupons, not 2 like I said previous post. 1st Q- was for a free pantie, the 2nd Q- was for $10 off any Pink purchase, and the 3rd Q- was for a free pantie with any pink purchase + $10 off a pink purchase. So here is what I paid for each item ( or did not pay ;0).

~ both pr. of panties were free :0)
~ both Pink dogs were free w/ any Pink purchase ( store promotion, no Q needed )
~ 2 bottles of Pink body splash ($12 for both)... I used my $10 on any Pink purchase Q = Paid $1 ea.
~ The bra was $19.50 ...I used my $10 off Q on any bra = Paid $9.50

My total was = $11.50 (before tax)....I saved $58!
That is a 83.5 % savings... Whoo Hoo!!!!

I still have one more Coupon for VS and hope to use it tomorrow and can't wait to see what I can get!

Wonder how I get all the Coupons? Made sure to give them you address and e-mail when ever you purchase an anything and the Q's will start rolling in! ;0)

Have you scored any deals lately??? Please leave me a comment and let me know!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another Guessing Game And Some Freebies


Anyone want to play a guessing game? Here is a picture of somethings I bought on one of my recent shopping trips to Victoria's Secret.

Here is what is in the picture and the original price....

1. 2 Pink doggies $10.00 ea. = $20.00 for both

2. 2 Pink body splash $6 ea. = $12.00 for both

3. Pink push up bra $19.50

4. Black lace panty $10.50

5. Pink hip hugger panty $7.50

Total = $ 69.50

But what did I pay? Take a guess.... I will give you a little hint.....I used 2 coupons. ;0)

All these items in picture #2 were free w/ my coupons, some of them even had overage on them which means I even made some money! ( $2) Ya!!! Plus....... I forgot to include a few things in my picture.....
1. 6 Pks of gum
2. 1 more Colgate Total

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our July 4th

I am finally getting around to posting our pictures from the 4th of July. I know it was 2 1/2 wks ago, but better late then never....I guess.

We had a great day! First we went to a parade........

Everyone hanging out chillin, waiting for the parade to start.

The girls got their face painted.

The parade finally started...........

I think Lilee thought she was part of the parade.... Maybe little Miss 4th of July or

Josiah enjoying a treat. Usually we NEED something cold to cool us off, but this was the first 4th of July I can ever remember that was the perfect temperature. It even got cool enough at night that I needed a jacket to watch the fire works. That's a first!!! Usually it is sooooooo hot you can hardly stand it.

The kids collecting their loot............

Joel showing me everything they got......... Candy, toys, necklaces......

Then we were invited to a cook out at Aunt Glenda and Uncle Mike's house...... They set the slip and slide up for the kids. They have well water so the water was really cold, cold enough Jordan didn't want to participate. It didn't stop the other kids though.......

Josiah getting ready to launch off........

Don't ya just love the faces they are making?

Joel's turn........... He tried it a few different ways........

Jordan gives Sara Ava a boost so she could make it to the end. She is holding her .... she is such a girl! ;0)

Josiah waiting on her at the pool.

Lilee was not a fan......... first of all it was too cold for her, plus she hurt herself the 2 times she tried it. Josiah ended up taking her down a few times so she would not get hurt....... She still did not like it! ( as you can tell from her face in the next 2 pictures.)

Joel found a little tiny tree frog.

Josiah made a fire.....I think they were going to roast marsh mellows but never got around to it. He just enjoyed building the fire!

Then we waited for the sun to go down................

to watch fire works from their front yard. We could see Waxhaw's show perfectly! We also set a few of our own off.

What a fun day!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 19th 1995.........

Is when it all began.............. for us any way........
Wow! I can't believe Karlton and I are already celebrating our 15th yr. Anniversary! And what a Happy 15 years it has been! That is something pretty big to celebrate this day and age.... Especially after only dating for 10 days and then eloping. ;0)

We have had one wild and exciting ride and I can't wait to spend the next 50 with you! You are my best friend, my love, a great daddy to our kiddies, my travel companion, and you go along with all my wild and crazy ideas! How could a girl ask for anymore then that! We have had our ups and downs but I don't think I would change any of it! Well......maybe one or 2 things....Lol...
I Love You with all my heart and am ready to go to Paris anytime you are! ;0) Happy 15 years my darling!

Your Wife and Best Friend

These first 2 pictures were taken 5 years ago when we renewed our vowels in front of our family and friends for our 10 yr. Ann.

and now ............. Have we changed any ? Lol.........

Karlton had asked me if I wanted to go to Charleston like we do almost every Ann. for the day to eat and shop and of course I said yes! But........... I gave it all up so we can work on a bathroom that we tore out a wk. and a half ago. So that should tell you how much I want this bathroom done!

When Karlton and I first got married I had told him I wanted to go to Paris for our 10th Ann. We started our adoption then and also renewed our vows so we pushed that back to our 15th year. I guess we have a whole yr of being married for 15 yrs. before that slips by right???

Friday, July 16, 2010

FFF - The Fruits Of Our Labor

We have been enjoying all of our fruits and veggies that we have picked from our garden so far this summer.

Here is our small pear tree that we have picked and picked pears from. We have picked 3 bowls full of pears and there are still more on the tree. It's poor little limbs hang almost to the ground carrying all that load. by one as we pick the pears the limbs spring back into place or eventually will.

We also have a blueberry tree (bush?) We have been enjoying all those too! We eat them in our cereal, pancakes, or just as a snack. They are yummy too!

We have lots of cherry tomatoes! The kids love to just eat them, and I have actually held them off long enough to put them in our salad. We have had a few larger tomatoes too.... Joel and I love our garden fresh tomato Sandwiches! MMmmmm!