Monday, March 31, 2008

Finally!!! the rest of the Easter Pictures....

Better late then never... I guess!!

Daddy's Easter present to mommy! There were even easter Lily's in there!!

This was the picture I took after the kids saw the Easter Bunny. Lilee was still not happy!

She was asking asking Joel, "are you sure we are done with that easter bunny?"

Lilee is sooooo relieved !!! No more Easter Bunny! Wooooo!

A cute picture of Joel working on a craft at church!

Sara Ava and Lilee playing peek -a- boo with mommy.

Sara Ava just being cute! Jordan in the background!


"Kids with their EASTER BASKETS "

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The girls have been tagged!

By Jagger- the cutest hunky baby boy ever!


1. What can I say about Lilee............ This girl loves water!!! She lays all the way under the water and relaxes, she dumps a cup of water over her head , and she will even jump in a tub fully clothed. Ohhhhh..... and she has to have a cup of water at all times. If not you will here wa wa until 3 am in the morning. This girl does not play around.

2. Lilee will be 2 in 18 more days on April 16th. She started her terrible 2's at about 18 mo. The tempertantrums .

3. Lilee is very silly and loves to laugh, especially at her 3 brothers and sissy.

4. Her favorite person is Sara Ava or Saaaaaaaawa (in Lilee's words) They play very well together.

5.She thinks she is a big girl and cries her eyes out if she does not get to do what the big kids get to do.

6. She is not afraid of much. She sleeps in the pitch dark ,which my big boys will not do. (Hee Hee) She will even pick up bugs. No fear! This casues me alot of heart attacks.

7. The girl can eat! She eats 2 slices of pizza and eats as much as the other kids seriously! And only weighs 24 maybe 25 lbs. We go for a 2 yr. check up soon. She loves Cheese, cereal, and now cookies! Everytime I ask her what she wants to eat she says cookies... She loves her C's.

8. She will not touch green or brown food. But will eat it if I feed it to her. She sits in her high chair and says oooooooooooo yuck! poopy!! She has serious issues with colors! If she see dirt she says oooo poopy!

9. The girl loves music and loves to dance! She has great rythm and keeps with the beat. She is just now starting to sing.

10. Lilee has been home with her forever family for almost 6 months. (On April 6th) It took us 17 months to bring her home. She has been apart of our family since she was 16 days old. (when we received her referral on May 2nd ) We made 6 trips visiting her in Guatemala.

11. She will fight someone for the vaccum. If you are vaccuming she will come up and take over. It is so funny! She is also very obsessed with trash. She goes around the house all day long looking for trash to through away.

12. Lilee had been a serious mama's girl , but is loving her daddy now!!!! Daddy brings her No nuts (donuts) and takes Lilee out for one on one dinners on Wednesday nights. She loves that. Every morning before and after her DADA comes home from work she runs and hugs his leg. IT is so sweet.

13. Lilee is going to the Bahamas in July! Woo Hoo! ( With mama, dada, and doely (joely) )

Sara Ava:

1. Sara Ava just turned 4 in Jan. She is a very smart and catches on quickly. She is a auditory learner. No as much so on the visual learning. She can remember bible verses and song like it is nothing!

2. Sara Ava loves being a big sister and is very maternal. But does not enjoy so much being the little sister. Her big brothers pester her a lot. This girl can keep up with the big kids though!

3. She loves her TV in the mornings! She is very serious about her cartoons.

4. She can clean her room and make her bed as well or better then some of her brothers.

5. She is very social! She LOVES to go to church to be with her friends. If she is sick and can not go to church on Wednesday nights she will cry and have a melt down.

6. Sara Ava has caught up on her growth amazingly!!! Her BM gave her up at 19 mo old and was so malnurished she was almost dead. Even after we brought her home she was a short little thing, but had caught up on her weight. NOw she is wearing size 4 clothes and has grown alot! Her legs have even gotten really long! I guess that is all these American vitamins and food. She had gray and red hair when she came home but all of that is gone too. She has beautiful full and silky hair.

7.She has become a bossy little thing and can give Joel down the road if need be. It is halarious!

8. She loves to fix my hair for me. It is almost an everyday thing to play beauty shop. I guess we know what she will be when she gets older.

9. Sara Ava will start 4 yr. old pre-school in August. Then she goes to kindergarden. Waaaa!!!

10. She loves to help me out with some of the chores... She loves unloading the clothes from the dryer and load them back up. She also loves to vaccum. Wooo Hoo!! Finally a little helper!

11. Sara Ava's personality comes out! She is always bouncing and twirling and really shows what a happy little girl she is! She is such a mama's girl. But loves to do things with her daddy too! Very well balanced.

The girls are tagging.............


Shay and Josie -



Anne Pearce and Essie-

Kenna, Kamryn, Kloey-

Friday, March 28, 2008

FFF #11

These Favorite Friday Fotos are more from Easter....
( the standing pictures)

Joel looking so sweet with his sisters!

This picture is a bit blurry but still a cute one of Lil' Miss Lilee.

Sara Ava always is willing to take a picture.

Josiah is not a willing participant so I have to take what I can get.

My Handsome Joely!

Sweet as pie!

I was so happy that Jordan wanted me to take a picture of him at church. I really like this picture it looks like he is showing his brothers (in the back ground) how it is done.

A Good Group Shot.. Minus Lilee. Karlton had to take her out after being silly in church. We had not caught up with them yet.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Easter Pictures...........

These are what I call the bench pictures..........

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lilee's First's this Easter.........

making a craft with daddy and Sara Ava at the church Easter Party......

meeting the Easter bunny.......( not really a fan )
easter basket.................

finding out what the easter bunny brings.......

home with her forever family........

discovering easter eggs..........egg hunting ......... which she loved!! and is very good at!

going to church on Easter morning......

I had to include a picture of Lilee last Easter 2007. Jordan and I went to visit her in Antigua for her 1st Birthday. Lilee was born on Easter Sunday 2006.

" Our Little Easter Lilee"