Monday, August 30, 2010

I Have A Give Away For You!


Alise the PR Manager over at Digeus Inc. contacted me and too see if I would blog about Digeus System Optimizer and offer a giveaway to my readers. Of course I said yes, how could I not!

This system:
~ Eliminates system crashes, freezes, and slowdowns.
~ Automatically identifies and repairs common window problems.
~ Easy to download, install, and use.
~ Free support and service.

To read more about the benefits click on

On to the Giveaway................

If you create a review like I just did on your Blog, Face book, or Twitter, then contact Alise @  
with your link, she will give you a full version of the System Optimizer for Free. Can't beat that for that can you!?! That is easy enough...... SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?!?!

If you have any questions or problems please feel free to contact me

Friday, August 27, 2010

Favorite Friday Fotos - August Flowers

Here are a few of the flowers that are growing in my garden right now.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Now Excepting Sponsored Advertisements!

I have had several people and companies contact me asking me if I would be interested in Advertising for them, on my blog. I have always turned them down, I wasn't ready to get into all that. But...lately I have been thinking about giving it a go.

Do you except Advertisements to your blog???? If so, how do you like it and how are you doing? Please e-mail me and let me know Thanks :0)

I have been blogging now for a couple of years. I did not add my view counter until about a year after I started blogging. It seems like I have lots of viewers even thought they are quiet and do not always leave me comments.... You guys are out there right???? I only have 32 faithful followers but I know there are more of you!!!! If you do follow me or read my blog even if you do not leave me a comment (which I wish you would do, because I love to read your thoughts on my post!) you can be a Follower. It is painless and easy I promise!

OK now back to the Advertising..... I am aiming for those small mommy businesses that do not get a lot of attention like myself and Cutie Patutuz ( my small little tutu and flower hair bow business). Speaking of Cutie Patutuz.... I finally have a new post. Make sure you stop by and check it out!
Do you make something or sell items on Etsy???? I would love to advertise for you!!! I am also excepting larger companies that do well! I am not biased, but will be extremely cautious of what I advertise since this is a family blog! ;0)

Here is how it will work.... If you want to have an advertising spot on my blog it will cost you $10 a month. Trust me people this is a very low price! If you do not believe me check around.... Or if you are not making hardly any money yet or if you are just starting your business you can send me your products to try. My children would love to participate! So if you make items for children or mommies you can send them my way and we will try them out and then I will give you a post raving about your product..... I promise!!!

So how do you become a part of The Shrum Family Adventures????? You can e-mail me at I have Pay pal to make it easier for you to make your first monthly payment. If you have products that you would like to send me or my girlie's or boys you can e-mail me and I will send you my address! I will also need your link to post to my blog, make sure you include that as well in your e-mail so that I can check out your business first.

Wish me Luck!!! Let the Advertising begin.............. :0)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

More Pictures Of My New Sitting Room

OK.....since no one guessed how much my new Sitting Room cost me to redo, I will go a head with my post. The total room transformation from Breakfast Room to Sitting Room only cost me about $30. The $30 was for a bucket of paint and a few paint supplies. Other then the couch my MIL gave me. I had everything else already.

Here are some more pictures of the room and all the accessories. I hope this will inspire you to redo a room that you have always wanted to redo, and I have taught you that you do not need to spend a lot of money to transform your room.

2 major ways to transform your room that is super cheap is #1) Liven up your room with a new paint color. #2) Rearrange your furniture or change your rooms function up.

Now it is your turn to share with me what room you are going to change or have recently changed on a low cost budget! You can leave your your link in my comments.

Now on to the pictures......... Please let me know what you think. ;0)

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Room Redo

A few months ago this room used to be our (what I called) Breakfast Room, that we never used. It had a table and only 3 chairs because the room is small. This room is the original Dinning Room in the old (1950) part of the house. It never really worked for us...... My MIL gave me this couch and I could not pass it up, so I decided to make this room a Sitting Room/Library. Karlton really liked the idea of it being a Library, being able to come in and sit to read a book....But, as the decorating started (after I painted the newly fresh beige walls and the wall space in between the book shelves) the books kept being moved down a shelf until they reached the bottom shelf. Now they are covered up by pictures. The books were just not working for me because I wanted to show off all my beloved dished and pictures of my babies. After I finally finished my shelves I called Karlton in and asked how he liked the room and he said , " It's nice, but where are the books? I thought this was suppose to be a Library?" I told him that there were books in here they are just hidden. Lol......... But I did tell him he can still bring his book in to sit and read when ever he likes. ;0) I am not finished with the valances. I have them stuck up their with pins for now. I was just getting an idea of how the room would look all but together.

Now......... How much do you think I spent on this new functioned room???? If you follow me on Face Book you already know...... Go a head and give it a guess! I will let you know in a few days how much it cost me plus more pictures!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

It's Finally Finished!!!

After 6 weekends of working on our bathroom we are for the most part finished. I still have some tweaks on the decorating end of things. Like hanging the plates in the back of my shelves, or maybe redoing that totally.( Not sure about the accessories yet.)I just went around my house collecting things I thought would work in there. I finished painting on Sat. and Karlton finished his part on Sun. I had planned on 3 weekends, maybe 4 but not 6. We did have to do more then we thought and we ended up making last minute changes. 3 days were spent working on 2 things, which killed our time... But it is nice to be done and have 2 bathrooms again.

This bathroom is the original bathroom that was in the house when we bought it. It was built in 1950, back when bathrooms were TINY and NO closet space at all!!!!!

Wanna see some pictures??? Here ya go.......... I am proud to say we did all by our little selves! ;0)

Remember the gold mirror????

After some white paint and sand paper to give it an aged look it is finished and did not cost a dime. We had the mirror , the paint, and sand paper already, just needed a new fresh look!

Of course I added my dishes! The boys do not like that they have dishes in their bathroom, but hey its free decorating!

They also do not like the Pink......But hey we do have 2 little girls in the house and I did want it to match the rest of my house...Not that I have lots of Pink, well I kind of do in pictures and roses in my couch. :0)

I just Love Toile! Can you tell????

So........ that is our new White, Pink( really it is a very soft red ), Green, English Cottage, French Country, Shabby Chic Bathroom!
What do you think?????

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Back To School Pictures

I started back to home schooling Lilee yesterday. She loves it! She would do it all day long if she could.. She does pretty good to be 4. She is very good with numbers... She will turn on the weather everyday to let me know what the temperature is and if it is going to be raining or sunny. Yesterday she informed me that it was going to storm and lightning and that the lightning was going to kill us....I told her , "heavens I hope not." I guess she is starting that realization stage, or she is starting to develop a good imagination. ;0)

I finally got a picture to down load for Josiah's back to school, but its blurry. You get the idea.....

Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Back To School .............

4 of the 5 kids headed back to school today..... 6:45 Joel and Sara Ava headed out the door for the Elementary. Karlton took them while I got Josiah up and going .Then at 7:30 I took Josiah over to the Middle School where he is starting 7th grade. I did take a picture of Josiah this morning, it just would not load on to my computer, so I will have to redo his picture. Then it was Jordan's turn to be dropped off at the High School at 8 am by Karlton on his was to work.

Tomorrow will not be as bad since Josiah will start riding the bus to school. Only 2 school runs in the morning and evening.

Lilee and I will start back to preschool today. Since I have a lot of cleaning to catch up on I think I will keep it light. Its kind of weird only having 1 kid at home. She really doesn't like it either.

At 2:15 Lilee and I will go pick up the 2 from the Elementary. I don't have to get the big boys until 5:30 from Cross Country at the High School..........unless Jordan calls me to come and get him. He has been sick since Fri. He ran a fever all weekend, but was better this morning. I am praying it was just a virus! But then again if it was I have a house full of people to look forward to getting it! That's pretty much my day other then cooking, doing tons of laundry, and running tonight....;0) So how is or was your 1st day of School?

Sara Ava's all ready for the 1st grade.

Joel is ready for his 1st day of 4th grade.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Big Freshman!

We just sent Jordan (our oldest) off for his first day of High School! Please say a prayer for him and that he has a great year! Man, I'm starting to feel old!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Here are some pictures I took of Joel on Sunday. Please leave me a comment and let me know which one/ones are your favorites. ;0)

The Color

The Black and White

The Sepia

Joel wanted me to take this picture of his hair, he has been letting it grow out all summer.