Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Day At The Dr.

Yesterday I took 3 kids to the Dr. Lilee had her 2 yr. old check up. The Dr. thinks she is doing good. She is just going to be tiny. She is at least on the American chart for her weight, height, and head CC. She was a bit over 24 lbs. and 32 in. tall. Her head CC was 18. So what does that mean by the American Chart for her age? She is in the 10% range for her height and head CC. So no big head for her. She was about 15-20% for her weight. They drew blood from her so they can run tests on her to make sure she is healthy and she had to have her Dpt shot in her thigh. She never cried at all with her blood being taken , just said, "ouu! ouu!" But poor thing could not hold it in for the shot. They told me it was a bad one. Oh and btw.... Lilee has allergy's too. Of course! She is a Shrum kid!

Sara Ava went to have her Iron checked again after 2 times of low iron. They are running test on her too. She had to have 3 shots in the arms because she did not get her immunizations at her 4 yr. old check up in Jan., since they gave her the flu shot. With 4 pricks to the arms the child never even made a face. I kept telling her before ,she was a big girl and big girls are tough!!! Wow !!! was she ever!! The nurses were amazed because they brought a swat team of nurses to hold them down and they never even had too. Sara Ava had shots in each arm at the same time!! That even scared me!!! I asked her did that hurt and she said, "Naaaaa!, but can I have a prize?"

I also took Jordan to see the Dr. because he has been sick and he is over due for his allergy shots.They let him get his 2 allergy shots. But today I had to go get him from school. His ear is hurting him and he has a bad cough! He has not missed a day of school yet. So he has done well this year!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Check our my new blog for my ministry!

Please leave feed back on what you think about it! I am just starting this ministry so I have a lot left to do on the blog.

My first priority is to help Willy out! They are alot more children to help so please keep checking back in!

You can view the ministry blog here or on the top right hand side of our family blog.

My Terrific Kid!

Joel was honored at his school yesterday for being a "Terrific Kid". He was chosen by his first grade teacher out of his class. Good Job Joel!!!!!!!!!!! We are very Proud of you for working so hard in school this year! He is our first to receive this award out of our kids.

Its hard to see. But Joel is getting his award here. The lady is reading what his teacher wrote about him.

This was Joels Lucky week!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lilee's 2nd B/D pictures

These are Lilee's Proofs of her 2 year old pictures I had made at JCPenny's. Please leave a comment and let me know your favorite #'s. I am having a hard time choosing. Lilee was not happy at this picture sitting. Usually she is more then willing to take pictures.













13. This one cracks me up! The lady asked her to smell the flower and then Lilee decided to smell her own feet and this is what we got. The lady said I just had to do it!



Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our Very Own Speed Racer!!!

This is the Pinewood Derby car that Joel and Karlton made for the Boy Scouts race.

Joel putting his car up to race. This is his first year in Scouts , he is a Tiger Cub.

Look hard, Joel is crossing his fingers. He would even pray as he was walking back to the end to watch were his car placed. Josiah watching Joel's race.

Jordan helped give the cars back to there owners after each race. Notice Joels fingers again.

I guess all the praying and finger crossing really played off!! He won first place!!!

Way to go Joely!!!! We are very proud of you!!!!!!!! (Joel wearing his 1st place pin) Pretty good for a Tiger Cub!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Update on my mom!

My mom got out of the Hospital on Wed. the 23rd , after another weeks stay. She seems to be doing better! But they are still having a hard time getting her blood sugar regulated!
Pray they can soon!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for you prayers and concerns!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

We Need Your Help!!

We are doing the cel lphone/ empty printer cartridges fundraiser to try and raise money for our adoption debt that we still have. We still have a debt of 58K but we are trying to pay off our adoption credit card which we owe 6k on it. We are not asking for your money only your old cell phones you are not using with its battery , they do not even have to work. We do not need anything but the cell phones and the battery. It can be any cell phones and any printer cartridges.

This is a great way to recycle too!!!!! Not only are you getting rid of your junk you are helping with the trash collection too!

Please pass this on to as many people, your work, church, and companies as possible!!

you can e-mail me for our address or if you have something you want to donate.

You can also pray for our debt!!Sara Ava has been home for 19 months and Lilee has been home for 6 months now and it seems like the bills are not getting any smaller going no where.

Thank You!!!

Meet Roxanna

She is our 9 year old Mayan Indian we sponsor so she can go to school. She is in the first grade. With out the help of sponsors these Mayan Children do not get a chance to attend school because they can not afford the fees, uniforms, shoes, and books. Now Roxanna will has a chance to start school.

There family is very needy and we hope to also help out with other things they need like stoves, beds, and tables and chairs. The father(52) does not work. He only has one leg. I am not sure if he even has a wheel chair or not. The mother works by making tortillas (like Sara Ava's BM) and hand washing clothes in the lake. Not enough to support a family.

Please pray for Roxanna and her family. Here is a picture of her mother (46) she looks like she has had a very hard life. Roxanna is has 2 sisters and 6 brothers.
If you want to support your own Myan child to be able to go to school go to

I hope one day we get to meet her!!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Lilee!!!!!!

What mommy you said its my birt-day???? I can't wait for my yummy cake!
I can't believe you are 2 sweet girl!!!! It took us 17 months to get you home and now you have been home for more then 6 months. Happy Birthday Lilee!!!! We Love You to the ends of the earth and back! That is were mommy and daddy had to go to find you and bring you home
where you belong!!

Sweet Lilee in her piggy tails on her first family vacation........

Lilee at Magnolia Plantation

smelling the flowers.

In her (perfect) I'm wild shirt!

Lilee saying cheese....

with her killer eyes and eyelashes!

Chillin' on the beach in a chair just her size.

My little Can Can girl in her Birthday Girl outfit..... Sara Ava wore it for her 2nd B/D.

Jordan and I went to Antigua to spend the week with Lilee last year for her 1st B/D.
I am sooo happy I have not missed any of her B/D's!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

There is nothing CUTER then.......

little hands and feet playing in the sand!!!!!!


Sara Ava's

Monday, April 14, 2008

Beach Pictures.........

Folly Beach

The view I saw alot of (while I was sick), looking out of our bedroom's porch.

Folly's Pier

Lilee, Jordan, and I taking a walk on the beach.

The girls and their daddy.

Jordan playing football.

and boogy boarding.

Josiah getting ready to hit some more waves.

riding a wave in......

Mr. handsome ..........

Joel palying on the beach. He was not well this day and did not want to get wet.

Sara Ava was sick too, but still chessing for the camera.

To cold to get wet!

still trying to have fun.

Joel giving Lilee a lift.


The girls watching the sea gulls........

Lilee was very facinated in the sea gulls......


She decided to chase them....

She kept saying