Friday, April 30, 2010

Favorite Friday Fotos "Taking The Leap"

Joel taking the leap.....

We were in the Bahamas last April on a cruise..... We were jumping off this really jagged and dangerous rock, but it was so much fun! The water was clear and beautiful just like I like it. I will not get in if I can not see my feet :0).

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010


Me and my Mr. in Savannah. I know our hair is blowing and messed up , but we are both smiling! =0) This is one of our favorite places..... Wish we were there now just the 2 of us!!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wishful Thinking Thursday.......


Or should I say Wishful Dreaming Thursday.....

So what do I dream about???? I know these are just earthly things and will not earn us treasures in Heaven..... But....... They sure would be fun!

Here are a few things I dream about right now.......

I do not know why.............but, I am in love with the new Camero. I want a shiny silver one...... no make that a platinum one with solid black tented windows. Kind of seems strange for a mom of 5 kids to want one of these huh? I know not all 7 of us could ride in one of these but it would sure be a fun thing to have for me and Lilee to run around and do our erronds in while all the other kiddies are in school! In 16 months Lilee goes to school so I don't need a big ol Yukan XL to drive around in all by myself. Do you think I would look cool in one of these babies??? LOL......

Don't worry this one is only a dream! We can't afford another car payment!

This is the other thing I dream about................. I have been dreaming about this for as long as I can remember!! Going to Paris!!!!! Karlton and I said were would go here for our 15 th Ann. But I had no idea it would sneak up on us this fast! We will celebrate our 15th yr. of being married this July. So , I guess we will have to put Paris off for another few years unless a miracle happens!

You ask why Paris( France )??? Well, to me it is the city of Love. I think it is such a beautiful city! With its shops, fashion, cafes, Chateau's , gardens, museums, I esp. want to see their country side and all the homes!

So what is your wishful thinking or dreaming about???????

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tybee Island and Savannah.....Day 1

Day 1 was mostly packing up, traveling, stopping to eat, stopping to use the bathroom, traveling, stopping to use the bathroom and eat again. Until we finally made it to our condo to unpack.

This the view from our balcony. Where we spent a lot of time swinging and looking at the ocean when it was not freezing.

After unpacking we headed to the beach............

and then headed to the water, where it was way to cold for us girls!!!!

I spent a lot of time doing this (above)....... I wish I could say this is how I look when I run.....but I don't think I am this fast. This kid can book it! Karlton says I look like a bunny hopping down the road, so that is why I don't want a picture of me running ( or hopping). ;0)

The girls just love to play in the sand and make sandcastles the entire time.

The boys freezing their behinds off playing in the water (and watching the wind surfer).

Lilee also does this most of the time we are on the beach. She runs back and forth to get water for the sandcastles 5,000 x.

Josiah did play in the water until he saw jellyfish and then that was all she wrote. He would not go back in. Smart kid.... there were many of them in and out of the water. We had to watch every step we took. Josiah and I found a huge one that had washed up one evening while we were running. I think it was the biggest one I have ever seen. The rest of them were babies.

I never put on my bikini once. It was to cold for me! I did where my running clothes to the beach every time. Karlton said he has never seen anyone where their running clothes to the beach , and I replied, " well now you have". I guess he just does not pay attention because I see it all the time. I guess next time I should where my bikini when I run on the beach...... NOT!! ;0D

Oh and btw....... this is the beach where the movie " The Last Song" was filmed at. In the last few pictures was the area of where the house was.

So this was pretty much the first day of our vacation!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tybee Island and Savannah.....Day 2 Part 2

On Day 2 we went to Savannah for the entire day. The house behind Karlton and I is a B&B we stayed at a few years back. Before either of the girls were home. I am ready to go back.

This is beautiful Forsyth Park in the next few pictures. They have a great play ground for the kids too. This time they have added great bathrooms and a little cafe w/ a Starbucks.... Mmmmmm!

Then we started for River Street which was several blocks away. I love looking at all the beautiful houses, churches, shops, and parks along the way!

The boys found an old phone booth to pose in front of.

I love seeing horse and carriages all of town!!!

This is the Gryphon Tea Room. Which is my favorite place to eat in Savannah! Esp. at high Tea time!

It use to be an old Pharmacy, so it is really cool inside!

Me having my tea, little cucumber sandwiches, fruit, and little disserts! I was in heaven!

Lilee eating on of her treats which took quite a while........... ( as you will see in the next few pictures of her and Sara Ava)

We finally made it to Factors walk down by River street......

and then to River Street were we stopped to take a little picture break infront of the paddle boat.

The only reason the kids were all gung ho to walk all the way to River Street was to go to the candy store where they were promised treats for being so good in the Tea Room.

Joel and Josiah with their candy cigerettes. lol......

Josiah also bought an old Coke in a glass bottle that he thought was so cool!

Then we headed back on the long walk back to our car.

This poor tree was covered in Spanish Moss. I have never seen a tree so cover in it as this one was.

That was pretty much Day 2. One more day to go so stay tuned.......