Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year! Jan 1st 2008!!!!

Hope everyone has a great 2008! Click on the picture it flashes and sparkles!

We had a good New Years Eve. Kids really enjoy it! I make a whole spread of finger foods and
we get 3 movies until time to ring in the New Year. We finally did have 1 to make it to midnight this year! Jordan's first year awake to ring in the New Year with mom and dad. Lilee made it to 10pm, Sara Ava made it to 10:30 pm. Then Joel and Siah went to bed on their own. Didn't quite make it. But we always go in and wish all our kids a Happy New year with a kiss and of Course
each other and then we knock out except, Last night was pretty noisy we had alot of fire works being set off all around our house! But I got over that quickly.....

Friday, December 28, 2007

Family pictures from the holidays

my nephew bayden @
christmas (3 1/2 mo. old)

Kids Christmas program at Church. (Josiah, Joel, and Sara Ava.)

Our Family Karlton's Side of the Family

Thanks Elissa , Darlene, and mom for sending/giving me these pictures!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The kids enjoying their presents....

Princess Sara Ava in her Castle!

Daddy showing his girls what he just built for them.

Lilee watching her dada build their castle. What a sweet dada!

Sara Ava rocking her baby to sleep with her new craddle.

Meet #13 Joely Shrum the newest Carolina's Panther!
Ready to Play!

Lilee Loves this little buggy car!!!!!! She sits for hours in it , not moving. Wish we would have thought of this a long time ago! She will not get out of it!

Early this morning..... Lilee was not happy getting up @ 5:30 am.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

DON"T FORGET!JESUS is the reason for the season!
From The Shrum Family!

SHHHHHHHH! Santa Came!

This is what I walked into find this morning.

All is calm and quiet!

This is what Josiah walked into find and had to wake the house up for.....

SANTA CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The kids opening their presents up at 5:30 am, this morning.

Thats right people 5:30 am, better then last year @3:30 am.

Not everyone wanted to get up. We had to go and wake the 3

little ones up. Lilee was not happy either. Sara Ava, Lilee, Karlton
and I went back to bed after all the presents were opened a played with for a moment.

Lilee opening her cell phone and Princess Little mommy doll.
Sara Ava opening her Snow white Princess doll and her Princess magnet
dress up doll. Joel already trying on his Panthers Uniform.

This is the culprit who gets us up every year!

Josiah opening 2 Nintendo DS Games.

Jordan opening his Nintendo DS
and accessories pack.

Santa left a note for the girls to look outside where they found a disney Princess Castle.
So, today daddy will mainly be putting toys together. More pictures to come...............

Monday, December 24, 2007



All the family Christmas gatherings are done. We had Christmas at my mom and dad's on Thanksgiving, since they live 3 hrs. away in Myrtle Beach. (This is our new tradition.) This was also Lilee's first time at Nana and Paw Paw's house and the Beach. She was not to sure about the sand. She did not want it on her hands or feet. But she loved the ocean, and not afraid of the water.

Here are a few pictures from that trip: Above

1. Nana and Paw Paw
2. all the grandkids
3.Santa, I never knew you had such big brown eyes!
4. Chef Josiah
5. Rudolf, I mean Joel

Christmas Eve!

ONE more day till Santa comes!

Santa Sara Ava w/ her
bubble beard.

Joel is so excited for Santa to come
have any ideas what he wants? (big clue on his shirt)
He is obsessed with football and esp. our Panthers!

Jordan is ready too! He thinks Santa will bring him a Nintendo DS. We will see.......

MIA- Josiah we took 3 pictures of him this morning 2 were blurry and 1 never showed up????
We will get more of him and Lilee today.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

2 days till Christmas!

My true love gave to me........... 3 beautiful boys!

Saturday December 22, 2007

We had a fun and full day today visiting family. First we went to Mee Maw and Pee Paws for Christmas Brunch and presents. This was Lilee's first time at Mee Maws house. She was totally mezmerized by Mee Maws' Christmas trees in every room. This was the first time she has really opened presents. She got a Cheetah girl purse that she loves!!!!
Lilee loves to carry around bags and put things in them. This entertains her for hours!!!!!! There were 7 grandkids( all our kids and Kaylee and Cole) who out numbered the adults by 1( Karlton and I, Carl , Sue, Josh and Elissa). I have no pictures once again of the boys, they will not sit still long enough !!!!!!!

Then at 4pm we went to Mike and Aunt Glenda's for Christmas Dinner, and more presents.
There were 11 of us there and fun was had by all. They made Karlton his yummy carrot cake. Darlene and Jim were there too.
When we got home and finally got all the kids in the bed it was late! Then at 1:30 am I wasn't
feeling well and before heading back to bed I checked on the kids and Joel through up in his sleep all over his self and his bed and the wall. He never woke up. It was a mess!!!!! I am still cleaning up that mess! He said he didn't feel sick.???

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Cheer!

The Girls redecorating the tree!

Lilee loves ornaments!

Sara Ava's turn to redecorate the tree.