Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some Recent Deals!!!

I spent $5.18 for everything in the first picture.

So here is what I got at each store and how much I spent .

Target -

~ 10 SOBE Waters - FREE
~ 2 Kashi Cereals- FREE
~ Satin Care Shaving Cream - Free
~ 5 Packs of Keebler Cookies - $2.70 (for all)
~ Travel Size Aqua Fresh Toothpaste - FREE
~ 3 (2) Pks of Glue Sticks - 0.48 (for all 3)



~ Pantyliners - Free


Bath & Body Works- $2

~ Travel Size lotion - $1
~ 2 Lip Glosses - FREE
~ Finer nail File - $1


(Sorry this picture is so blurry! It did not look this way when I was viewing my pictures on my camera.) So, you see from the 1st picture how much I was able to spend for all that by using coupons. Now we are going to test your coupon knowledge by guessing how much I spent for everything in the 2nd picture. First, tell me how much you would have spent and then tell me how much you think I spent.
Here is what is in the picture. There are 21 items total.
~ 2 buns ( 1 hamburger / 1 hot dog)
~ 2 cereals
~ 2 wooden rulers
~ 2 notebooks
~ 1 carton of ice cream
~ 3 1/2 lbs of bananas
~ 1 bottle of cascade dishwasher rinse aid
~ 1 Uncle Bens pk. of Rice
~ 1 pk. of Swedish fish (candy)
~ 1 Zone candy bar
~ 1 piece of Carmel
~ 1 pk. of cotton balls
~ 6 pk of Coke's
~ 1 can of CHEF BRD speg. and meatball
~ 1 box tissues
~ 1 box of bread sticks
~ 1 8 pk. box of Poptarts
I bought this stuff at CVS, Food Lion, and Bo- Lo. Now leave me a comment and take a guess! I will post in a few days once everyone has had time to leave a comment to reveal the total cost!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesdays Prayer List

Sorry I have not been keeping up with my Wed. Prayer List. I never seem to know what day it is anymore! Lol! All my days kind of run together as we never stop for a second.

If you have a prayer request please leave it in my comments and I promise you that I will be praying for you!

Ours is still the same old, same old. (like a broken record)

First I do have a praise report! I took the 4 older kids to the dentist yesterday and all were cavity free! PTL!!!

Our Prayer List:

~ Please keep praying the Lord will send Karlton plenty of paying work , that will keep him busy and help us catch back up on all our missing income.

We have been receiving unemployment but it is 1/2 of our weekly income and because Karlton is a business owner and his company is not fully shut down we have to pay every penny back. So it is like racking up a government credit card! Not good!

~ Also PLEASE keep praying that we sale our land very soon! We still have plenty of people looking at it and falling in love with it. We even have a contractor wanting to know if we would do personal financing,which will not work out for us. So we have plenty if interest we just need the Lord to help send us the perfect person quickly!

Thanks you all for praying for our family, we definitely can always use it!

*Just a reminder if are interested in any of my flower bows w/ headbands (see post below) please shoot me an e-mail. For those of you that live in my area subtract a $ for the shipping cost. These are great for all ages. I have customers ranging from infants to 16 yrs. old. They make great gifts and spice up that perfect outfit! I just made my 11 yr. old niece who wanted one for her B/D. Or if you know someone that may be interested in them please send them to my blog I really could use the business right now! THANKS!

~ I promise my next post will be catching back up with the shopping and saving money with coupons.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Bows Ready To Ship!

Here are some new bows that I have ready to ship out. All prices have shipping included.

The Fuchsia Gerber Daisy shown worn here w/ headband is available upon request.

The double rose shown worn here.


~ White Daisy and Orange Gerber Daisy with headband $8 ea. ( I also have fuchsia left in the Gerber Daisy.)

~ " " " " w/out headband $6 ea.

~ Double Rose w/headband $8 ea.

~ " " w/out headband $6 ea.

~ Single Rose w/ headband $6 ea.

~ " " w/ out headband $3 ea. (buy 2 of them for piggy tails $6 for 2)

Large light pink Gerber Daisy shown worn w/ headband below is available upon request.

Large Med. Pink Gerber Daisy shown worn below is available upon request.


~ Med size Flower w/ headband (Yellow and Orange) $8 ea.

~ " " " w/out headband (Yellow and Orange) $6 ea.

~ Large Flower w/ headband (Purple) $10 ea. ( I also have light pink , med pink, and orange in the large flower.) Older girls and teenage girls love these bows so these are not just for the younger girlie's.

~ " " w/ out headband (Purple) $8 ea.

Sunflower shown below w/ and w/out headband.


~ Sunflower w/ headband $7

~ Sunflower w/out headband $5

If you are interested in any of these please e-mail me at You can mail me a Check or pay by Pay Pal. If you need more then 1 of each color let me know! Hurry these won't last long. Plus Mama needs a new pair of running shoes! Ha! Ha!


I have had a few of you ask if I am still running and I am. I have been running for over 2 1/2 mo. now. I am up to 9 miles a week right now. I only run 1.5 miles a day, 6 days a week. I find that if I take more then a day off a week it is so hard to get back in the swing of things. Weight wise I am at a stand still. I have 2 more lbs to go to be were I wanted to be, but the thing is my body has really changed shape everywhere which is good! All my close fit me so much better esp. my bottoms, most of them are really baggy now! I have lost inches but gained muscle , but not lost a lot of weight. Makes you say Hmmmm! Next up on the agenda 10 miles a week. My doctor told me that all I needed to run was 9 miles a week . 3 miles days a week. But I like my easier way better! I am still lift weights too! I do that everyday and have been since Christmas. The only bad thing about running is it does nothing for your arms.

Now I just have to buy new running shoes!!!!!!!! 1/2 my sole fell off my Nike! I think it was time for new ones anyway ,I bought them while I was pregnant with Joel so they are about 8 1/2 years old. Oldy but goody, but ol so comfy! I just don't like to break in new shoes so if any of you runners have any suggestions please let me know what running shoe is the best!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Last Of The Charleston Pics.

~Day 2 & 3 ~

We toured the Edmondton- Austin House because Jordan wanted to see an old house with furniture in it. They made the tour very interesting for the little kids by giving them a find and seek book with pictures in it with things to find all over the house. Lilee even did a great job! It was very educational for all of us. (This was Karlton and my 2nd time visiting this beautiful historic home.)

Sitting on the porch waiting for our tour to begin.

One of the lovely homes we saw while walking down the street.

These next 2 pictures were taken in front of the Edmondton- Austin home down near the battery.

Pris Pot Posing for a picture. Now say that 3 times fast.... LOL!

Some of the many church's around town.

The street in front of the water park at the pier. The day we went to the pier I had forgot my camera. grrrr! It is so pretty and relaxing there!

The rest of the time was spent eating and shopping. Even my kids love to shop in Charleston! Oh ya and the best part of the trip was the hot warm pralines that we bought 2 lbs of. That does not sound like a lot but we are just finishing them up! YUMMMMM!!!

Well that's about all I am going to bore you with from our trip........

Next (post) up is shopping (couponing ) the good deals that I have been finding!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 2 Of Our Charleston Trip ~ Folly Beach

The 2nd day was mainly spent at Folly Beach.

This is the usual scene for Lilee. As soon as we get there she charges to the water!

Then a wave gets her and she charges out and she does this the whole time.

Sara Ava and Lilee playing at the waters edge.

Sara Ava posing for a quick pic.

Jordan and Karlton stay out in the water the whole time. Jordan had Lilee's pink float out there.

The kids played in the sand. Lilee even helped a lady find a shark tooth.

Then we took a long walk to see the light house.

The girls were stopping all along the way to pick up shells.

Some views along the way.......

We finally made it to the light house .... But then had to walk all the way back. It made for a very long trip esp. for a 3 yr. old.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Unexplained !?! - UPDATE

*****Some of you said you can not get the picture to enlarge. If you click on to the picture then down load it to your pictures then you will be able to view it larger in your files. Sorry!*****
You can go to the travel Channel here . I am (have been) the #6 picture in the top rated if you want to vote for my picture you will have to register which is really easy. If ya want you can give me the 5 skulls. LOL!

OK,I know told you all I would not post the reason why we wanted to go back to Drayton Hall until I was finished posting about out trip but I could not wait! Especially since, Jessica from Drayton Hall left a comment (Thanks Jessica for stopping by!!!) I just had to post this sooner then I had planned. I waited a whole year to post about this because I did not know what kind of response and comments I would get back. But anyway here it goes....... Last year Karlton, Joel, Lilee , and I stopped by to visit Drayton Hall for our (Karlton and I) 2nd time. We had not heard any stories about the place be haunted and we toured it and I just thought it was gorgeous,no feelings of creepiness about it but.............. when we came home Josiah asked to see all the pictures and orbs started popping up in the pictures on the stairs. Not a big deal but I had never caught an orb in all the many years I have been taking pictures. So......... Josiah (who was 10 at the time) asks can we start looking in all the windows one by one. I said ,"what do you expect to find honey I don't think the place is haunted". Well we went through 20-30 windows one by one , blowing them up and looking at each one until we came across this one........

If you do not see it at first look in the bottom middle window pain! ( if you still can not see it click on it to make it bigger or you can zoom in on it.

We both froze in shock (I had it blown up as large as it would go) and he dove under my legs that were under my desks. He was so afraid that he would not come out for some time until I took the picture off of my screen. Lets just say I was pretty shocked too and did not sleep that night! Now being a Christian and the beliefs I have heard all my life and thought I believed too ... well lets just say I have some questions now! Is it a ghost, an alien, a demon?
First of all let me say we were the last out of the building because I was waiting for everyone to leave so I could take some pictures and then the tour guide ropes it off once everyone is out. So I can tell you there was not one in the building! Besides this face does not look human or live to me.

Well this trip we wanted to go back to take more pictures to see if we saw anything else. I only caught a couple of orbs on the stairs but nothing compared to the ones last time. I took many pictures of all the windows and nothing showed up. WHAT I REALLY WANTED TO DO WAS GO IN THE ROOM THAT THE FACE WAS IN AND TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES!!!! But it was the only room closed off (due to the ceiling falling down when people walking in that room ??). We did asks the tour guides about it being haunted and they said there were suppose to be 2 ghosts.

So,Jessica if you are reading this if we come back down there soon could you let me at least walk to the door and take pictures for research please!!!! Lol!

Now to me it looks like an alien face! I put it on the travel channels,most haunted in the pictures and it is staying in the top 20 for more then a year now with ratings. SO if you want to go and vote for me stop by and give me a 5 stars! Lol !! now let me know your take of this picture!
This is the original picture that I took right after everyone came out of the house. The face is in the top window 2nd from the left.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Finally Pictures From Charleston........ DAY 1

OK guys are you ready for lots of pictures?! I am breaking down by the days we were there so it will not take me all day to post pictures. You will see by these pictures why I LOVE Charleston! I love everything about it! The history, all the plantations,the old houses, the antiques, the food, shopping, and the beaches and marsh area that surrounds it! We left Tues. morning and stopped by Drayton Hall first. We have a yearly membership and I wanted to squeeze in 1 more trip before it expires. This is the 3rd time Karlton and I have been and we always discover new things about this place. I also wanted to go back to get plenty of pictures for a reason that I will reveal after I am done posting about our trip in a few days. But that is all I am saying for now.

Driving up to Drayton Hall. (Sorry about the quality of this pic. I was taking it through a very dirty windshield.)

Drayton Hall was built in the 1700's and is unchanged from the 1800's (since the civil war). Drayton Hall was the only house that survived the civil war. So it is like stepping back in time, it has no electric or plumbing to this day.

This is Karlton's FAVORITE picture! (above)

We went on the marsh walk.....

an walked all over the grounds. I think this was the first time that we have done that.

That is a well that you can see in the background and that we are standing in front of.

A 7 seat privy. Now we could use one of those in our house! A seat for everyone! Lol

Then we took our tour of the house. This is a pic. I took from inside looking out.

A couple of the inside.

We walked to the river behind the house to take a little break.

It is so beautiful and relaxing back there.

After the plantation we went to eat at Poogans Porch in the Historic part of Charleston and then we walked the streets , which is one of our favorite things to do while we are there. All the streets are beautiful and unique. You never know what you will see looking down all the little alleys and in all the secret gardens.

That was pretty much the first day.