Saturday, January 30, 2010

Josiah's New Do

I took the boys to get their hair cut last week and Josiah decided to get a new style. So what do you all think? I really like it! I just hope he will keep up styling it.

Sorry I have not given an update on our family in a while. I didn't know if people even still read my blog anymore. I have been pretty busy with kids and basketball. We have several games a week. I have been making tutu's and hat sets, painting my upper kitchen cabinets to match the lower ones. I painted the lower ones back in Sept. and had been waiting on Karlton to build a shelf for me over my sink to paint the upper cabinets. He finally did and then it was my turn to paint and caulk everything. Now we are putting in a bead board back splash to match the bead board we put in behind the shelf! I am really liking it so far!! It has hardly cost us anything to do this little remodel, but it sure has made a huge difference. I will share before and after pictures once I get everything all painted! I am running 15.6 miles a week now. I love running.... well most days anyway! But I am sure by now you all knew that! ;0) It keeps me going!!!

The kids got me up this morning at 6:45 to tell me it had snowed. This is our first snow this year. We only had about an inch, but it is still pretty to look at. We had a lot of freezing rain so everything is frozen over with about a 1/2 in. of ice on everything. At 2:53 pm today it was 24 degrees, that is pretty cold for us here in SC. Tonight is suppose to be 11 degrees. It was kind of nice to have been snow-iced in. I stayed in my warm flannel PJ's all day.... but I actually got a lot accomplished! Mainly stripping beds and doing 100 loads of laundry that I am not finished with (since the boys went out to play in the snow this morning). I have had sick kids all this week ..... all of them. Jordan is the only one who is better..... 1 down 4 to get better!

Please pray the Lord will keep sending Karlton work for his company. He has actually been pretty busy the last 2 weeks PRAISE GOD!!! He has been putting in applications in with a lot of places because he thought he was going to have to shut the doors to his business.

I promise I will post some more pictures soon! I am sending out a big THANK YOU to those of you who read my blog!

Friday, January 29, 2010

My Hot Pink Tutu And Hat / Glove Sets

Here are a few sets ready to ship for Valentines Day. The Hot Pink Tutu w/ Hot Pink Hat w/ Black Bow is $40 (shipping included in price) buying this as a matching set saves you $4. If you do not need shipping e-mail me for the price . All bows on the hats are hair bows so they are removable.

* The tutu is $29 (all prices include shipping)

* The Hot Pink Hat w/ Black Bow is $15

I have matched these 2 hat sets with my hot pink and black tutu. If you buy these in the sets I have together it will save you a few $'s..... You can buy these separately too. If you are interested in any of these items let me know. You can e-mail me at or go to to see more sets.

The Hot Pink Tutu and Black Hat set w/ Gloves is $45 (this includes shipping). See the gloves Lilee is wearing in the picture above. Buying this a matching set for all 4 pieces saves you $5.

* This Hat set w/ Gloves is $20 ( all prices include shipping) Save $2 buying them as a matching set.

* The Hat by itself is $17

* The Gloves by themselves are $5

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Make sure you stop by Cutie Patutuz and check out my Valentine Day Gift Sets.... Tutu's and Hat sets and Tutu and headband sets. There is still time to order and receive them before Valentines Day.

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Very Special Little Girl........

Turns 6 today! Happy Birthday Sara Ava! We can not believe how quickly you are growing up and turning into a big girl! We can't believe that you are in Kindergarten , have lost teeth already, and especially have been home where you were meant to be for over 3 years now! Wow....Time flies when your having fun!!! ;0)

It only seems like yesterday that Karlton and I flew to Guatemala to throw you a Birthday party for your 2nd Birthday. I vowed then that since I missed your first Birthday, I would never miss another one ever again! And here we are already on Celebrating your 6th B/D.

Here is a trip down memory lane........ This was our 2nd visit trip to Guatemala to see Sara Ava. We threw her a birthday party at Quinta Real and invited everyone who was there visiting their children they were adopting. I packed a whole birthday party into a suitcase except for the yummy cake and the pinata. I had given our facilitator money on the previous trip to buy these for her party. We also, invited the facilitator and her husband and the Foster family. It turned out to be a really nice party!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Another Deal And A Message..........

First of all I wanted to let you all know that I am taking orders again for my hats and tutu's for Valentines Day! Stop by and check out some pictures of some of my cute little customers! I will be adding new posts over the next couple of day! If you want a tutu for your little one or for a gift for Valentines Day (or Jan. & Feb) let me know now. My list is already starting to fill up!

Terri ( this ones for you) thanks for reminding me about another deal that I had gotten last week from Victoria Secret.

I bought:

~ 2 Body Rush Lotions,

~1 Body Rush Body Sprays,

~1 Pink nourishing Shea bar of soap.

I thought the Body Rush's were 3/ $11.99 but when I got up to pay for my order they were $3 ea. What a Steal!

(Of course)I had a $10 off coupon . I didn't have enough to equal $10, so I found the Pink Nourishing Shea Bar of soap for 75% off it was $1.25.

But I only ended up paying .27 cents for all 4 items. Can't beat that!

This was before their Semi- Annual Sale started!!! Thanks for the heads up Terri about their make up! That's what I wear..... I will be heading there!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Deals and Steals

Have you all been getting any good deals lately???? If so I want to hear about them! I know you all have had to have gotten some really good after Christmas deals!

I have been cleaning house at Target this week! Have I mentioned how much I love that place!!!! Even Lilee wants to go there every day! lol.......

Some of my Target deals include their after Christmas deals. I bought a lot of things 1/2 off but now they have whats left ......... 75% off. Here are some of my best deals.

~ Christmas shaped and colored marsh mellows .39 cents......... I bought 2 packs of these. I will use them for dessert or use them for Hot Chocolate.

~ speaking of Hot Chocolate...... Target has $1 Q off their Swiss Miss. I got that free since a box was .99 cents.

~ Pillsbury Cupcake mix.... 2 boxes .49 cents. I bought 2 boxes for under a $1. w/ out Q's. I'm sure there are q's I could have used to have gotten it for free.

~ bags of premium m&m's for .09 cents (I used 2 $1 q's for this deal)

~ dark chocolate m&m's .49 ( I used a $1 off q for this deal.)

~ 2 gift pks of Lip Smacker chapstick - free (used $1 q's to make it free)

~ My Little Pony marked down to $1.74.

~ 3 large printed gift bags marked down to .37 cents ea.

~ method hand soap - .54 cents. (used a $2 off Q )

~ 6 boxes of Special K cereal ( my favorite )
- 2 boxes free
- 4 boxes on sale for $2.39 ea. I had a $5 off Q for 4 boxes.... so I ended up paying $4.54 for 6 boxes of cereal.

~ I have 2 big doggies so I loved this deal!
They had their Pedigree for $18.99 for a 40 lb bag, but when you bought a bag you got a $5 gift card back. So that made it $13.99. I had $2 off Q's so I paid $11.99 for a 40 lb bag of Pedigree. I bought 3 of these because It's hard to come across deals like these!

~ Last but not least..... My Favorite Target Deals
- I bought Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure and Santa Buddies for $4.99 for both, thats $2.49 for ea. movies after 3 coupons!!!! Cool huh!

* Go on over to Targets website to find their printable q's.

CVS Deals

They had their Hand Renewal hand soap and their Ivory 3 pks soap for .99 cents ea.
~ I used $1 off q's for those and ended up paying the tax for the 2 hand soaps and 1 pk of soap.

Food Lion Deals

I bought :

~ 4 pks of bacon .99 cents ea. total $3.96
~ 2 pks of Kraft Cheddar and Colby Jack Blocks $1.50 ea. total $3.00
~ 2 pks of Extra Gum .69 cents ea. total $1. 38
~ 5 boxes of Special K cereal I paid $1.50 for all 5
~ .34 taxes

Total for all 13 items $10.18 I only had Q's for the cheese and the cereal. I thought that was a pretty good deal!

Harris Teeter

I bought :
~ pk of Deer Park Water
~ cool whip
~ Heluva French Onion dip
Total $3.16 after Q's

I have gotten tons of deals lately but these are some that are fresh in my mind!


Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!!!!!!!

Happy New Year Everyone! Can you believe it is 2010 already! I just hope this year is better then last year!!!!

I am finally getting the first chance to post some Christmas pictures! So here is a look into our Christmas in pictures.

These are a few pictures we took the Sunday before Christmas. All dressed up and ready for Church.

Some of these pictures are really washed out from the sun...

Here are some of our decorations............ Inside...........

The kids decorated the tree all by themselves . I usually go with a theme or certain colors but here is their version. This was the first year we have had bows on the tree.

The decorations outside. The boys w/ Karlton's help , decorated the outside.

We did a lot of baking. Here are a couple of the treats we made. These are Chocolate Mint Macadamia cookies.

The kids made Gingerbread Men before Santa came on Christmas Eve.

Before Santa came.....................

and after..............

The kids woke us up at 4:15 to let us know Santa had come. Yippy ;0)......... So I did not get to many pictures of them with their toys needless to say. Karlton did film it... I hope! They go through stuff so fast its incredible!

One quick shot after they ripped through all their presents.

I have more Christmas pictures...... but that will have to wait until another post!