Friday, August 26, 2011

FFF- Savannah

I am finally posting some pictures from our Anniversary Trip from back in July, right before the kids car accident with my mom.
This is the place we stayed at " The Eliza Thompson House". We Loved it, it was really beautiful! We did not get a lot of pictures of each other and the ones we did get are not great. Yes, I have my eyes closed in the only picture of me. lol.... We Love Savannah and are so happy to escape there anytime we can! Stay tuned for more pictures to come...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Day Of School 2011

Well Lilee started Kindergarten today! She was soooo excited!!! Karlton and I both drove her for her first day but since they will not allow parents to walk their children in, I had to rely on Joel and Sara Ava to take her were she needed to go.

I think they did a good job! Big brother was looking out for her. I'm not gonna lie. I got a little emotional...Didn't think I would, but I did. Not I am home alone until 2pm everyday , I'll let you know how that works out since I have had officially 56 minutes of alone time so far. :0) Today I have lots of grocery shopping and errands to keep me occupied.

Yesterday the other 4 kids started school. First the 2 elementary kids were take by 7am. Joel is in the 5th grade, his last year in elementary. Sara Ava started 2nd grade.

Then it was time for Josiah to head to the Middle School. He is an 8th grader, his last yr. at the Middle School.

Then It was our big guys turn to head to the High School. Jordan is in the 10th grade this year.

Everyone had a great first day of school yesterday. Lets hope that Lilee does today :0)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Where Have I Been??

Well..... 3 weekends ago Karlton and I snuck away to Savannah, GA for our 16th Anniversary Gift to each other ALONE!!! We had such a great and relaxing time...AAAHHHH! As soon as we started to head home, we had just got on interstate 95 when we got a call that my mom and 3 little ones were in a car wreck. So instead of going home to drop a piece of off that I picked up while in Savannah, we made a B-line for Myrtle Beach. It ended up taking about 4 hours.....which felt like 12. Try driving 4 hours in a panic! Ugh.... I was so happy to get to my kids!!!! Once we picked them up we headed home for the ER. The kids wanted to wait for me to take them to the ER. Their injuries didn't seem as bad that day (other then bruises, and swelling, neck and back and head aches) as they turned out to be. So for the last 2 weeks I have been taking kids to the Dr. and trying to get them all well again. Every time I think they are getting better they develop new problems. Ugh.......  Please keep praying for them to heal!

Joel's injuries include bruising of his bones on the right side of his body. Really Bad bruising on his chest and stomach from the seat belt. He possibly has a fractured rib on his right bottom side. His muscles and ligaments were torn from his ribs on that side too causing swelling. His Neck and Back hurt his as well. His stomach and as the Dr. explained it to him all his guts were bruised and smashed all up causing him to not eat for over a week and have really bad acid reflux. He has been taking meds to help the acid, and has been eating better recently.

Lilee was in her car seat which is a 5 pt. harness. She hit her head and now is having neck and back problems. She has just started waking up in the middle of the night crying saying her neck hurts her. She also had bruising from the seat belt and some on her back.

Sara Ava was in a booster seat with the vehicles seat belt. She flew up and hit her face on the back of the seat which caused her nose and face to swell and bruise. I thought for sure her nose was broke by the way it looked. It took about 10 days for all the swelling to go down and the bruises are finally fading away. She has been having tons of head aches on the side and on top of her head. She had bruises all on her back. She is having a lot of problems with her neck and back as well. The Dr. said the kids muscles are all knotted up and that is what is causing their head aches.

My mom is having back and neck issues, along with headaches.

If we don't have to go back to the Dr. before 8 days that is the next schedule apt. I will probably be taking them to a Chiropractor once they are released from the Dr. I just did not want to interfere with one another to cause any problems.

Here is a couple of pictures of the other vehicle. This Suburban rear ended my mom and kids doing about 50. They to were also in a Suburban PTL! The guy said he could not get his breaks to stop in time. After he hit them he flipped over on his top in the ditch. We are So Thankful and Praising God that is was not any worse then it was!!!

Stay tuned...... for pictures of our Weekend trip to Savannah!