Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Today Is The Last Day......

To get your Flower Bows and Headbands 10- 20% off. Buy 1 and get 10% off , buy 2 or more and get 20% off. See for more info.
Starting tomorrow I will start selling my beanie hats and sets!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another Terrific Kid!

Sara Ava was chosen as the Terrific Kid out of her Kindergarten class for this month. Pretty good for her first month of school! Lilee and I went to watch her receive her certificate yesterday. All the teachers in the school pick one child a month out of their class to be the T.K. This is my 2nd child to receive it. Joel received it in 1st and 2nd grade.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Coming Oct. 1st.......... New Pictures Added

These Hats will go on sale Oct. 1st. I have them in black, brown, pink, and white. If there is a color that you want that I don't have let me know and I will see if I can get it. The hats run in 2 different sizes; toddler -size 6 and toddler - adult. I have a pre -order list if you want one of these hats let me know. The hats are $9 ea. (shipping already included in all prices of hats and bows) You can just buy the hat...........

Or add a bow to it for $6.......... (prices already included shipping)

or a flower bow from $5 - $8. Remember all flower bows and headbands are 10% off for 1 item and 20% off for 2 or more only for the month of September. So Better pre-order those now .................

This is a new fall flower bow with matching headband. The headband is creamy and matches the flower.

Another New Fall flower bow.

Monday, September 21, 2009

1 Fairy or Fairy Princess Set left......

I have 1 Fairy or Fairy Princess Set left in Purple. Let me know if you are interested. You can e-mail me at .

The Fairy Princess Set is a 3 piece set is $30 + shipping. It comes with the Tutu, Wings, and a crown.

( Lilee is wearing a onesie from Children's Place.)

The Fairy set is $27 + shipping. It comes with the Tutu and wings.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Am Only Taking 1 More Order......

I have 1 available Spot left for Halloween. If you are interested in one of my Tutu's or Tutu sets let me know now, so I can get you on the list. It won't last long, better hurry! I can make about any color tutu ,my solid color tutu is $22, my 2 color is $24, and my triple color is $25. I can make infant tutu's for $12 up 2 colors and 3 colors for $14.

~I have 1 Fairy or Fairy Princess Set left. The wings are Purple... so you can do purple with hot pink or about any color.

~ I also have 1 Purple Cute Witch Set let. The hat is purple and the tutu will be black and purple.

~ I also have 1 Lady Bug Set left. It comes with red wings with a red and black tutu, and an antenna headband.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Am Taking Halloween Tutu Orders

To see more pictures of my Halloween Tutu sets and prices go here .

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sara Ava's 3rd Gotcha Day

3 years ago today Sara Ava, my mom, and I were getting ready to head to the airport in Guatemala.

First,I had to say goodbye to this sweet face for another 7 mo. It was another 12 1/2 mo. before Lilee came home. Talk about a killer!!!! That was the longest year of my life!!!! And my sweet baby girl grew up without me......... :0(

Mommy and Sara Ava on a jet headed to the Charlotte Douglas Airport ........... USA bound!

She was meet by her Daddy, 3 brothers, her great aunt and uncle, and step grandmother. Joel and Siah finally meet their little sister first the first time, they came bearing gifts for her. Jordan had got to meet Sara Ava in May when he and I went to meet Lilee for the first time when she was 6 wks. old. This day she was united with all her family and never had to leave us again!!!!

Sara Ava is the sweetest, loving, caring child. She is such a good little girl! I could have not asked for more of a perfect child. She certainly is perfect for our family and a true Blessing from God! He sure knew what He was doing with this special little one. We love you Sara Ava and are very proud of you!!!

I took these pictures of her on Sunday.

The 2 sweet sisters 3 years later. These 2 sure do love each other!

We celebrate Gotcha Day the day they arrive home and our whole family is together for the first time! Sara Ava came home Sept. 16th, 2006 after a 11 1/2 mo. adoption process.

We plan to celebrate today by going to take her to eat , then coming home to eat yellow cupcakes, with yellow icing (lemon) that her big brother Josiah is making for her, at her request. In 2 Saturdays we are taking her to the Zoo for her present.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some Good Deals

This deal was from a couple of weeks ago.


I paid $3.56 for everything in this picture.

I paid $1.20 for all 5 boxes of True Delights after my coupons and $5 gift card that I received for buying 5 boxes.

The 2 files were $1 ea. I love these , this is what I store my coupons in.

Everything else in the picture was free.

The rest I paid was tax.

I saved $17.00


I have been getting some really good deals at Walgreens this week.

(Trip one)

I bought :

~ 2 Newspapers - $1 ea.
~ 2 True North Pecan Almond Peanut Clusters - $3 ea. You will get $3 Register Rewards after you purchase these.
~ 6 Ghirardelli Candy Bars on clearance - .65 cents ea. (was $2.65 ea.)
~ 1 3Mint Musketeers - .22 cents ( on clearance)
~ 2 Wonka Tinglerz - .22 cents (on clearance)

I paid $ 2. 03 everything after coupons and Register Rewards.

~Saved - $25.19

(Trip 2)

I bought :

~ 1 True North Pecan Almond Peanuts Clusters - $3 ea.
~ 1 True North Pistachio Crisps - $3 ea.
~ 6 Gharadelli Candy Bars - .65 cents ea.

Total $1.10 after coupons and Register Rewards.

I Saved $13.75 on 1 receipt,but I lost one receipt so not sure how much I saved total.



I bought:

~ 2 Mento Gum Bottles
~ 2 Aunt Jemima Boxes Waffles B1G1 Free
~ 1 box of Magic Erasers B1G1 Free

My total after coupons $1.83

Total Saved $7.37


Sunday, September 13, 2009

3 Years Ago Today........

I was united with my daughter forever, and never had to leave her again! This was my 6th trip over to Guatemala . 3 years ago today Sara Ava and I went to the US Embassy to finalize her adoption. The next day we got her Visa to come home , then on the 16th Sara Ava came home to us forever.

Sara Ava in her outfit that she wore to her apt. She was 2 yrs and 9 mo. old.

My mom came with me on this trip to help me with Lilee while we were at the Embassy.

Two Sisters enjoying each other even at an early age. Lilee was 5 months old.

Almost Silent Sunday

Jordans Cross Country Pic. Isn't He Handsome??????

Saturday, September 12, 2009


We have been working on some much needed projects the last few weeks. I told you all we worked all last weekend cutting down huge limbs getting ready for the winter. Our whole front yard was full of them until the city came and took them away. Karlton also cleared out a huge area to get ready for a garden. We will plant a few things for the fall , but mainly we are getting it ready for the early spring. My little garden did not do so well that I had planted this year. We got a lot of cherry tomatoes and peppers, but after I got it all planted my dogs came dug it up. I was able to replant and save some of the plants but for the most part it did not do well after that. I have a little watermelon growing right now. That the kids are proud of. Lol!

This is my little pond I have been working on for a couple of summers now. Last summer I finally got the water good enough to put fish in. They are doing great and are getting so big. I bought 4 water plants in the spring and now they have taken over. This picture is after I gave 2 bags full of plants to my mother-in-law for her ponds. They were growing out of my pond, they are really for the water and my fish. Last weekend I bought the last little bit of the edging stones for around the pond, I have been buying them a little at a time. So what do you all think?

(The last little bit of unfinished cabinet)

Last summer we put had to tear out our bottom cabinets because we had a water pipe burst and ruin them. We replaced them with oak unfinished cabinets and I also got new counter tops too. Finally after a year I have decided what I wanted to do with them. I had some left over primer so I got busy and painted them. I have chosen an off white paint called Cappuccino White, so that is what I will be doing this weekend. Once they are all painted then I will go back and sand around some of the edges to rough them up , to make them looked aged. My kitchen has a far way to go but I am happy to be getting started. Next we will be building a shelf over my sink. There is lots of painting to do and then I need a new counter top for the island. But that will have to wait for a while. At least paint is not expensive and I can work on my kitchen a little at a time.
All these projects have hardly cost anything, but they sure do make a huge difference!
And of course I have been working on my new fall/winter line for Cutie Patutuz. I have order some different color beanies and new flowers. I also am taking orders for Halloween tutu's. So, I have my hands full of projects right now. But I love it!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Finals - Grocery Bill

Here is my grocery bill ( plus everything else that we needed) for this week by using coupons.


~ Bought 19 items

~ Total before coupons / savings - $50.79

~ I used 14 coupons

~ Spent $ 13.57

~ Saved $ 37.22

Harris Teeter

~ Bought 31 items

~ Total before coupons / savings - $105.19

~ I used 8 coupons

~ Spent $48.73

~ Saved $56.89


Food Lion

~ Bought 12 items

~ Total before coupons or savings - $16.12

~ I did not use any coupons

~ Spent $ 10.10

~ Saved $6.02



~ Bought 12 items

~ Total before coupons / savings - $ 38.15

~ I used 4 coupons

~ Spent $ 8.06

~ Saved $ 30.09



~ Bought 10 items

~ Total before coupons / savings - $ 66.37

~ I used 6 coupons

~ Spent $8.87

~ Saved $ 57.75



Spent - $ 89.33

Saved - $ 187.97 (that is a 52.5% savings)

My average grocery bill a week used to be $130 before coupons and that was skimping it ( at Walmart). I spent a little more this week then normal because we were running low on things. But I am at least saving $40 a week off my grocery bill compared to what I was. We really need that right now!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

This and That

We are just standing around waiting ..... seeing what the Lord has in store for us. Well .... at least that is what is feels like anyway.
Actually Lilee was mesmerized by watching the City people come and pick up our tree limbs (with a big robot arm); that Karlton , the boys, and I cut down all weekend long. We have been catching up on a lot of projects lately. You know the kind that does not cost ... or at least not a lot.
That will be what my next post is about. Projects.

Jordan and I are still running...... I am still running 11 miles a week. I am going to try my best to make it to 12 miles this week. I have been trying for 2 weeks now and 1 wk. I got sick, and last wk. Jordan had a Cross Country meet. I am back to being sick this week , so hopefully I will make it. I have finally made it to my first weight goal , after more then 3 mo. of running I have lost 3 lbs. Its a slow process! I am still not the weight I was before we started adopting 3 1/2 yrs. ago. My Women's Bible Study group started back last night. Which I am sooo happy about! I need it so much to make it through my week. This is were I get recharged for the week! I really missed and needed it this summer!
Jordan on the other hand is running over 20 miles a wk. Last week alone he had 3 practices, 3 meets , and then had to work a football game. Poor kid... I think it is a bit much myself. I think anything over 4 days a wk. for an 8th grader is too much.
In the picture above Jordan is running to the finish line. He is the blur between the 2nd and the 3rd vehicle ( I did not have my camera set to action). The man in the blue shirt was taking pictures, was from the newspaper. Jordan came in 14th out of about 40 kids this day. The picture below Jordan is having a little rest, and snack.

Karlton meet with a lawyer last week and he said their is nothing for us to do but go Bankrupt. He has his 2nd meeting tomorrow, the meeting was bumped up a couple of weeks. So PLEASE keep praying for us about that! I really was hoping the Lord was going to send us a buyer for the land, but that has not happened. We have had some work come in this week! PRAISE THE LORD! Karlton has a big job that we are really praying that he gets! It will keep him busy for several weeks. We just keep praying and asking for the Lords direction!
Sara Ava pulled another tooth last week, by herself. So the tooth fairy made 2 trips to see her in one week. She LOVES Kindergarten , her teacher, and even her homework. Lilee and I have started doing a little pre-school work. She loves it too! Joel is making A+'s in school, and Josiah is enjoying being in Middle School and going to the youth group at Church. Last night they had a shaving cream fight, which he thought was sooo cool! I think I caught you up on most of everything for now!
We can feel your prayers! Which we are very greatful for.... Please keep them coming!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sneak Peek.....

Here is a sneak peek on what I am working on for the fall / winter so far.

I will be ordering these hats , hopefully in other colors too. I think a cream or a beige would look cute with this flower. The flowers are ready so if you are interested let me know. The top flower is $6 and the flower on the hat is $5.

If you are interested in the hat let me know I will be ordering them soon.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cutie Patutuz Is Having A Sale... - UPDATED

For the month of September I am having a sale on all my flower bows and headbands. The more you buy the more you save. Save 10 % on 1 item and 20% on 2 or more items. Don't forget your head band. These headbands fit from infant to teens, and they are very comfortable to wear. Just add any of these colors to the flower bow of your choice for $2. Remember that your discount will come off the total of your order.


Purple - SOLD OUT

Medium Pink - SOLD OUT

Yellow- 1 left

Blue- 1 left

White- 1 left


The Large Flower

They are $8 ea.

Hurry..... I am almost out of these!!!!
~I have 1 left of the purple.
~I have 2 left of the medium pink.
~Light Pink - SOLD OUT
~ Orange - SOLD OUT


The Medium Flower

They are $6 ea.

Hurry.... I only have 1 yellow left
~ Fuschia - SOLD OUT
~ Orange - SOLD OUT


The Small Flowers

The Double Rose is $6. - Hurry....Only 1 left!

The Sun Flower bow is $5 ea.


If you are interested in any of these bows please e-mail me at I have pay pal and I accept personal checks.