Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our week of injuries!

Wow!!!!!!! What can I say we have had one bad last week and a half.
First Karlton was done weekend before last with his back. His Sciatic nerve is being pinched by his spine. Karlton is very active with lifting alot ofheavythingsatwork,boxing,wrestling/grappling. So its no surprise! He has to go to Physical Therapy a few times a week and have traction. He is doing soooooo much better though.
Then on Thursday I took Jordan to get his allergy shots at the Dr. and I slipped on the tile while
carrying Lilee and fractured my ankle. The reason I got hurt was because I did everything in my
power to make sure she landed safely. She did not get hurt!!!!! I would have not let the boys take pictures of me a few days ago.

Then on Saturday Lilee had an accident with a fork and poked a hole in her cornea. It is swollen outword so she has alot of discomfort. With a cornea injury you can not look at any light or sunlight. Her eye poors outside. The eye Dr. gave her antibiotic drops and said in a couple of weeks she should be back to normal. She does not cry over it though. She rubs her eye alot and
covers it when we are outside.Poor Baby!! She is one tough girl!!!!!!!
Please keep our family in your prayers Please!!!!!! Mom and Dad can not be down!!!!!
Here are a few pictures of her eye.....

I call her my little blind rat. This is what she looks like when she wakes up and I turn the light on. She can not open her hurt eye so she keeps them both closed. (I know this is a mean picture to post , but it shows her with her eyes closed.)

You can see how red her eye is here. The swelling is going down at least.

A family of hawks

We have a family of hawks that live in our trees. They are not afraid of us at all and will let us walk outside right where they are sitting or standing. The one I took these pictures of is the smallest one. The bigger one is twice as big. The kids say this is the baby hawk.

When the biggest one swooped down on the hill while we were getting in the car he was about
2 1/2 feet tall with a wing span about 5 feet. The baby only had a wing span of about 31/2-4 ft.
They have built a really big nest in a tree that hangs over our patio.

Friday, January 25, 2008

2nd FFF

Favorite Friday Foto.

The Shrum family May 2006. Joels Preschool Gradulation.

Another referral picture of Lilee May 2006.

Sara Ava's 1st monthly photos after we accepted her referral. Oct. 2005.
We also got a video of her. That is when Karlton and I feel totally head over heals for this little one. I LOVE LOVE THIS PICTURE!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Did you know Snow White wears.......

bunny slippers???

I had no idea! I knew Cinderella wore glass slippers.

The kids gave Sara Ava this Dress and Crown.
We tried finding the shoes to go with it but I guess that didn't matter anyway since this is really what Snow White wears.

Sara Ava pushing her princess tea cart.All she wanted forChristmas and her B/D was "everything Princess "(in her wording).

A True Princess!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Silly Boys....

in their footy PJ's. I found these PJ's at Target yesterday for $3 each. I LOVE TARGET!!!!I had to get them for the boys!! First of all I know they would look so cute in them and be warm. It has been so cold here this week and we have actually had 2 snows. This last one melted by morning so the boys missed out on getting to play in it again. Which they were crying about this morning. I bought the first pair for Joel and then Siah wanted a pair and we had to go to another Target to find his size. I found Jordan a pair too, that glow in the dark. Hee Hee. At first Jordan was not into them at all. But I made him try them on and once he found out how warm and comfy they were well let just say "they all have been wearing them today".

Awe, don't they look like little boys again!?

We had a lazy day. We did not go to church because it was 22 degrees at 9am. We SC people are not use to that!!!!! Plus there were icy spots on the roads. We did try and let it get a little warmer to venture out to get lunch. It was a whopping 32 degrees , but the wind is piersing!!!!!
Once we came home it has been a watching football( Karlton watching the playoffs), staying under the covers or in warm PJ's day.


Look at their feet. They all have Donald Duck feet (on purpose). We were all laughing our heads off at them, especially at themselves.

Friday, January 18, 2008

My First Favorite Friday Photo's

I have seen this idea on alot of my forum buddies blog's and thought it would be a good way to bring alot of older pictures that I have on here. My fav's this week is of the girls referral pictures. That way I can start at the beginning.

Lilee's referral Picture
She was around a week or 2 here. She was so tiny!

Sara Ava's referral pictures
She was so sad and afraid at this time of her life!
This was before she met her Mommy and Daddy.

Sara was about 20-21 months old here. Same age as Lilee is now.

Joel at 4 3/4. Isn't he just a CUTIE!

3 Silly Brothers before they knew what it was like to have sisters at home. These pictures were taken around Nov. 2005

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lilee's First Snow

and this is what she thought about it.... COLD!!!!!!

AAAAAhh! Mom I can't believe you made me touch that stuff!

Why are my Teeth Chattering???

I can't believe my sissy and big brothers think this stuff is so wonderful!

What Mom?????? You said I can go in now and take a nap and get warm!! Ok I'll go for that!

It started snowing around 10-10:30 last night and by 11pm when I discovered it had snowed we had about an inch. We had around 2 in. enough to make everything very pretty and white. Then it started to rain this morning and slowing melt it all away. The Boys had a 2 hr. delay today. So they did not get to enjoy it, other then a few snow balls. I took the girls out for 2 min. before we went grocery shopping. Sara Ava loves it! This is her 2nd snow, and a few pictures I took of her.

Sara Ava Loves the snow and would freeze to death before she would ever want to stop playing in it.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Great News!

I just found out yesterday that these 3 little sweet angels that we really wanted to adopt (when Lilee's adoption had stalled and we really thought we were losing her in Dec. 2006) are being adopted by a loving family that is on my adoption forum. We plan to stay in touch. We all , Karlton and the Boys still prayed for these little girls to find a home every night. I always thought about these precious girls and prayed they would get a home before it was to late. there fee at the time was to much for us to come up with because we had invested so much already into Lilee's adoption. But God didn't mean for us to have them. They belong to another family and will have 7 other brother and sisters waiting for them when they get home.
I am so happy, excited, and relieved for them!!! We will not stop praying until they are home!!! They are stuck in the new adoption changes and that will hold them up for a while but hopefully not to long.

NOW.......... 1 more little Angel (that is very DEAR to Karlton and my heart) to go.
I pray for her to get the RIGHT family! Sweet little FLOR. We sponsor her.

Lilee is 21 months old today!

She has been home now for almost 3 1/2 mo. Her new accomplishments:
She has 6 new teeth since she has come home and gained almost 4 lbs. She has had 2 bang cuts and her ears pierst. She has made 2 trips to the Dr. for being sick cold/virus'. And burnt her hand really bad on a hot Fire place surround. She has mastered walking and now can run. She only had been walking 2-3 weeks when Josiah and I picked her.

She says Mama, Dada, Jordan, Sara, Joely, and Siah. She calls herself Lylee (Lie-lee) or LyLy or LaLa. Which Karlton loves so he now calls her Lylee or Ly Ly. She can say dog dog (and barks) hot! cold! Hey, Hi, Nigh Nigh, water, Bay Bay for baby, Yes and Yeah, Her new one Pee Pee.

She is totally into EVERYTHING! So we can not take our eyes off her for a minute!!!!! She eats and sleeps great!

My song choice that is playing now is Her Guardian Angels' ( Steven Curtis Chapman) song " When love takes you in". If it were not for this man she would not be here. HE/ Shoahannah's Hope sent us a grant that inabled us to continue her adoption. He is our Hero!

Neat Sweaters I found....

At out mall for the girls. I saw a little girl that is from Guatemala wearing one of these on her blog and really wanted one for the girls. Her mom said she has never seen any since she bought this one. I even had Yvonne our facilitator/friend who got Lilee home to us look for them right before Christmas. She said they only sell/make those in the Highlands where all the Mayan villages are. We were there in July at Lake Atitlan and went to Santiago , a mayan village and I did not see them. Anyway.......... the girls and I were at the mall Sat. and I walked by a new little stand in the center of the mall and spotted what looked like the very style of sweater I wanted for the girls. A little Inca Indian from Ecador was selling them and she said these were made by the Inca Indians in the Highlands. So I bought each girl one and Sara Ava bought a Poncho with the money Nana sent her for her B/D. The lady gave Sara Ava a deal on hers. She did not get charged tax. I paid at least double for these as I would have in Guatemala , but hey its cheaper then a plane ticket to go back and find them myself. Hee Hee! I think we really made that lady's day too. You could tell she had not sold alot that day and she made $85 from us that day.

Sara Ava picked this one out her self.

I think they are so cute and the hoods crack me up! And think they will be something neat to keep for the girls to give their children one day.

Nana the poncho is the one Sara Ava bought with her B/D Money.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Some pictures from Sara Ava's Birthday

These pictures are from Chickfila. I got her a dancing princess cupcake cake. Her BF Meredith and her sister Madison came.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Sara Ava!!!!!

Happy Birthday Princessa !!!!!

Wow!!!! You are 4 yrs. old now!!!

I can't believe we are celebrating our 3rd Birthday with you!!!!

The first was in Guatemala at Quinta Real Hotel, for your 2nd B/D. We invited all the babies that were being adopted to your party and it ended up being very special. We had a Dora the Explorer party with a yummy cake and a huge pinata.

Then Last year for your 3rd B/D we celebrated it at Chuck E Cheese, with all your family and friends. But you were terrified of Chuck E.

So this year she just wants to go to Chick fa la with her Bff, Meredith. That is easy and affordable.