Saturday, June 21, 2008

Please PRAY for Eliana!!!!!!

UPDATE ON ELAINA!!! God has heard the massive prayers of everyone that came together to prayer for her healing! She is with her mommy and daddy now and is out of the hospital doing better.Thank You Jesus!!! Please keep praying for strength and for her not to get any infections in her lungs from her sickness. Her mommy will be staying with her fostering in Antigua until Elaina's adoption is final. Pray for their safety and that Elaina's adoption will finish quickly!
Elaina is very sick in a hospital in Guatemala. She almost died the other night. Her mommy and daddy are on their way now to see her . Please Pray for God's healing of this little angel! We all need to come together and pray in one accord for her healing. Also please pray for her adoption to finish quickly so she can go home to her family. She has been under weight and I am sure that this sickness has not helped her in any way.

Pray that God will heal her little body from all sicknesses and any problems that she may have. Please pray for Lindsey and Chris too ( her mommy and daddy) for all their traveling and while they are in Guatemala.

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