Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What we will be doing most of our summer?

The 1 thing that all 5 kids love doing! Swim!!


Live to love and laugh said...

What a great time. I LOVE the pool. You go away, don't mess the house, have a hearty appetite for supper and go to bed early. What more could a mother want? We are heading there today. It is miserable here.

Leslie said...

They are all sooo cute!!

Vanessa said...

Ditto the pool!! I know we'l be doing a lot of that too this summer since Louisiana gets so HOT!! By the way your kids are gorgeous!!
Guatemala school book drive!

Carla said...

Beautiful pics! I am so glad summer is finally here, (technically Spring, but warm enough for summer.) I can't keep my kids out of the pool either.Congrats on getting enough money for Willy!