Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Catching Up

Here are a couple of pictures I took of the girls all dolled up in their Valentine outfits. Sara Ava was still under the weather in these pictures, but she is all better now. We are still working hard at potty training with Lilee. We sure have cute down on the pull ups, which saves us money. She still will not tell us when she has to go , so I put her on the potty every 11/2- 2 hours. She is still waking up with a full diaper so she is technically not ready. She has only had a couple of #2 accidents in the last 2 weeks. Yay Lilee! Lilee will be 3 in 2 months , my goal is to have her potty trained by then.

It has been crazy around here these last few weeks. We are wrapping up the Basketball season. All the boys had their last game last night, tonight we start playing the tournaments. I am coaching all by myself tonight because Karlton is out of town working. I can do it! Hopefully we will finally win one tonight! We technically won last night but they took 2 points from us, they should not have. Wish us luck! These poor little ones need(Josiah and Joel) to win one game.... I feel so bad for them. Josiah played like a champ last night, he fell and got hurt but sucked his tears in and continued to play the rest of the game scoring a lot of points! Joel is to funny to watch, he plays his heart out and stills a lot of balls. If we loose tonight our season is over! I Pray we win this one.
Josiah shot many foul shots last night.

This one was good!

Joel with the ball.

Joel laying on the ball so no one would still it!

Joel hustling to get the ball.

Jordan on the other has only lost 2 games all year and their team is #1. His tournament game starts Thursday. He also was playing tennis the last 2 weeks, but was cut on Thursday. He was soooo into it too! Poor guy! (they had to cut a couple of people because they had to many on the team).

Jordan shooting.

Picking Jordan up from tennis practice.


Live to love and laugh said...

Go Boys! Buckle down and win tonight!
We also have a team with Sam that isn't all tha great at winning.
But as I tell him, it is still fun to get out there!

Vanessa said...

I'm trying to potty train little Miss Olivia and man it's been tough! She wakes up every morning dry, but will only not have an accident if she wants to wear underwear!! That's right if she says no I pull-up or diapee you can hang it up because she'll be wet all day!! I have no idea what to do with her!! LOL!!
Oh and the raffle is up to $70 so I need to know your secret on how to make it a success!!

Rhonda said...

Oh gosh those picture are soooo adorable and what cute tops!!!! We don't appear to have much interest yet in the PTraining area. Hoping to change that soon!!!

Nana said...

I Love waking up and looking at all of your beautiful faces on your blog each day. It makes my day so much better.
Jordan, just keep practicing and get really good at what you are interested in. Maybe next year you can try tennis again, if you want to.
Mary Ann, try signing the potty sign to Lilee and make it fun and silly for her. See if it works better. Make the "t" sign with your fist, thumb through your pointer and middle finger and shake your fist from side to side saying potty, potty, potty. Maybe it will help during the day, but I have no more suggestion other than what you are already doing for the night.
Have a great day!
Love ya'll bunches,