Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Couple of Couponing Trips.....

I went to Harris Teeter on Thursday and had a really good time! I bought over $100 worth of groceries for a little over $32.00. Sorry don't have the exact #'s with me.... Some of my favorite buys were:

- 5 boxes of Special K cereal - on sale for $2.50 ea.
If you bought 5 you got $5 off your bill so that brought it down to $7.50 for 5 boxes of cereal with out any coupons. Which is a very good deal! But I had 2 $1.00 off coupons for Special K. So I ended up paying - $5.50 for 5 boxes of Special K. The Chocolate is my Favorite , I do like the Strawberry too! And I am known to mix the 2 together too! Mmmmmm!

- I bought 6 boxes of cake mix for .34 cents ea. Here's how..... They were $1.79 ea. org. but on sale for B1G1 Free. Then I had coupons for .55 cents off of 2. Harris Teeter doubles their Q's so that made them .34 cents ea.

- the e-vic special was a bag of miniature Mars candy bars for $.99 cent a bag.

I bought lots of other things too! I actually had a whole buggy full for under $33. :0D


I also went to CVS and bought a Large Glade Candle and a loaf of bread for $1.04.

The candle was $10, on sale for $6.99, plus you get your ECB $6.99 + Free. Plus I had ECB's that I used from previous purchases.

I saved over $12.00.


Today I went to Target and got a few really good buys!

- Neosporin Lip therapy $3.34
I used a $3.00 Q
Paid .34 cents

- 2 Dove lotions that were $5.04 ea.
if you bought 2 you got a $5 gift card for your next purchase. So that is like it brought it down to $5.08 for 2.
Then I used 2 $1.50 manufacture Q's
and 2 Target peelie coupons that were on them for $1.00
I ended up paying .08 cents for both of them

- 2 Skippy Peanut Butters $2.04 ea.
I used 2 $1.00 Target Q's
and 2 .40 cents manufacture Q's
I ended up paying .64 cents for ea. of them

Not bad huh!!!!

How about you all???? Have you been Couponing???? Have I inspired anyone to start using coupons!! Let me know here if you have gotten any good deals lately!!!


Live to love and laugh said...

I am amazed by your deals. So tell me, how long do you spend each week comparing, cutting, etc?

Mary Ann said...

Well I used to spend about $130 a wk. on groceries and that was being very cautious of my spending. I would use a q or 2 but nothing like now. Now I have cut my bill by $40 to the least ea. wk. most of the time by 1/2. But the thing is I have 3 times the stock I used too. :0)