Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy 12th Birthday Josiah!!!

12 yrs. ago today this fellow made me a mama for the 2nd time. Josiah is my running buddy, except he rides his bike while I run. He keeps me company and is my protector. To him he just loves to ride his bike! He LOVES to cook, esp. sweets of course! We are so proud of you and Love you very much! Hope you have a fun and wonderful Birthday Siah!!!! One more year I will be a mama to 2 teens..... ahhhhhh!!!!

Tonight he is having a sleep over. So he should have a fun day and night! He picked out a NC State football shaped cake , they will watch movies and wrestle. Yes, wrestle..... this is what he wants to do !?!?! For his present I took him shopping for clothes. I love this age, when all they want is money and clothes!!! Love the taking them shopping part!

I took these pictures of him a few weeks ago, when I did a photo shoot of all the kids together.


jodi said...

hope your day is awesome!

Nana said...

Happy 12th Birthday Siah !
We hope you have a wonderful
Birthday and fun night with
your friend.
Glad to share your birthday
with me and Pawpaw on our
We love you very much and we
are very proud of you.
Love ya lots,
Nana, Pawpaw & Boo

Terri said...

Happy Birthday Josiah!!!

Maya and Maria said...

Happy belated birthday, Josiah! You are an EXCELLENT big brother!!