Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wednesdays Prayer List


Things were just starting to looking up, but that all went away very quickly.... Karlton was working night and day and weekends , w/ the help of the boys on the large job he had gotten, and had passed all his first inspections. Things were rolling! Then people started getting greedy.... contractors, business owners... until things turned really bad and the contractor Karlton works for got thrown off the job and lost the job. (The little man always gets hurt!!! )Karlton thought he was not going to get a penny but the contractor he works for gave him 1/2 the money that is owed to him, out of his own pocket. The poor contractor has 57K of his own money on this job and has not been paid. So now there are attorneys involved. The owners of the business has already hired another contractor and has people working which is not really legal. They came in and tore down all the work that has been done already. The city will have to get involved now because they have passed all the inspections and they tore down that work as to say your inspection is not good enough. So let me just say these people deserve what ever happens to them. I know that is bad of me, but very true!!! What does the bible say about a slap in the face?

So now the few weeks of steady work is all gone out the window! I have turned in a few resumes for Karlton for contract work with some large companies..... please pray something turns out!

The Bankruptcy has taken longer to start, because we did not have the money to do it. Nice huh!!!! We are to poor to go bankrupt! =0( But in a few short weeks we are filing and it could not come fast enough. The phone calls and the letters keep getting uglier and nastier! Seriously people!!

On a good note the Lord has blessed me with all the work I can handle with tutu's, flower bows, and hats! Oh..... the hats!!! I am so grateful the Lord has given me something that I can handle to help our family out. I actually love it!!!! I don't feel so useless.....(Proverbs 31:24 )"She makes linen and garments and sells them and supplies the merchants w/ sashes." Yes....I am a Proverbs 31 woman or at least strive to be!

So here are the things you can be praying for our family:

1. Health - Joel was really sick over the weekend but is doing better. PTL!!! Now we have 3 that are coughing a lot ( 2 asthma related)! Pray the Lord will keep our family healthy!
2. Work for Karlton! Work that pays!!!! Work that will keep him busy for a while and keep money coming in!
3. Me!!! That the Lord will continue to let my little business take in money. Lord only knows how much we need it right now. The bills need to be paid and children need winter clothes. ( well actually Sara Ava is the only one in need right now)
4. The Bankruptcy!!! That the Lord will help Karlton to get everything worked out and back on his feet again!
5. I have a cousin ( Summer) who lives in FL that is very sick and in the Hospital. She is 27 and has 2 young kids. Pray for her healing and her salvation!!
6. Pray that justice will be done for the contractor Karlton works for that he will get what is rightfully owed to him and that some how Karlton will get the other 1/2 of the money that is owed to him!

I know that is a lot to dump on you but it sure makes me breath easier and not have my stupid panic attacks when I can get it off my chest!

We do have a lot to be Thankful for!!! I do know that! We are not starving thanks to Coupons!!!! Yes, I am still couponing away!!! We would not survive if it were not for the coupons!!! Lol!! Hopefully sometime soon I will post about my savings. I just have not had the time lately......

Thank You all for your prayers we know and can definitely tell that we are being prayed for! Also.... thanks to those of you who have helped my little business flourish! =0)


Live to love and laugh said...

Praying for you!

jodi said...

so glad there is a light at the end of the tunnel for you all!
my updates...
-at mom and dads church things are almost over. nothing went very well with the mediator since the people refused to have mediation. but they also have the light at the end of the tunnel as they are taking harsher steps for resolution. please continue to pray for their church.
- and my pregnant friend is still doing well with 1 healthy baby!
still praying for you all
love ya!

Mary Ann said...

Jodi, glad to hear that your friends baby is still doing well! I am praying for her and your parents church!

Mom (Nana) said...

Our prayers are with you for all you listed and for your property to sale. We love you all so much!
Mom & Dad
Also, pray for your brother's safety
in traveling to Charlotte this weekend.
Love, Mom

Rhonda said...

Oh Mary Ann, I am sooo very sorry. I can't believe the hassle and the mess with the construction. How awful. Sending you many hugs and prayers my friend that things turn around for all of you and that work comes his way soon.

Hugs and prayers, Rhonda

jodi said...

at my mom and dad's church things have finally come to an end, they are breathing easier. thanks for all the prayer it was def. felt!!! A big Praise the Lord!!