Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

First I am going to start off with the Ugly.........

The piggy flu has made it into the Shrum household. On Tue. Jordan called me from school asking me to come and get him. I did not even recognize my own child on the phone at first, because he was so sick! He was running a fever and had a very bad cough and stayed in his bed until Fri. when I finally took him to the Dr. I knew he had the flu but I thought it was were he had gotten his shot the week before. After he had gotten his shot his lymphoid had swollen up under his arm and his arm hurt him for a few days. They said he only had the Flu ......Jordan is on a Z pack for his reaaly bad cough.

Then Friday I sent Sara Ava to school with a cough. I had given her some med. because her cough sounded like a drainage cough. She came home from school coughing and went to take a nap. When she woke up from her nap she was red and was shaking, I knew she had a fever! When I took her temp. she had a 105.2 fever. I gave her some Tylenol and put her in a luke warm bath, with a Vanilla Frosty ( at her request). We got then fever down 3 degree's with in the first hour. But it went up and down all night long. It spiked back to the 105.2, but then broke. I took her to the Dr. yesterday and they said she has the Swine Flu. We started the Tami Flu yesterday and it is working wonders on top of the Triaminic Flu. So now I know Jordan had the Swine Flu too. Sara Ava's fever was gone this morning PTL... She is up and walking around the house today. No keeping her in the bed for 4 days like Jordan did.

I am just praying that the rest of us stay safe and healthy but you know how large families work. You don't always get what you want!

Now for the GOOD...................

Joel came home with straight A's on his first report card this yr. ( I can't remember if I have written about that or not. ) He was the only child this go around to get straight A's. Lilee and I also went to see him get Terrific Kid for the month of Oct. week before last. Sara Ava was Terrific Kid out of her Class for Sept. and now Joel was it out of his class for Oct. I have 2 Terrific Kids!!!!!!!!!!! Sara Ava also was the Star Student out of her class week before last! Ya Sara Ava!

Lilee is completely potty trained again.....after she had it licked for 3 weeks and then fell of the wagon for about a week. It has been 4 weeks now since any messes! Ya! I love not having to buy pull ups!

Jordan just finished his yr. in Cross Country. He had his name in the paper for beating his own personal records! He started out the season running the 3.1 mile races at 28 min. 56 sec. and finished up in the 24.26 min. Wish I could improve my time on my running. It takes me 27-28 min. running 2.7 miles (that is with or with out a 1 min. walk).

The Basketball season has started. Karlton and I are coaching Josiah's team 4-6th grade for our Church. Joel will get to play on our team and the 1-3rd grade. Jordan is on the Middle school team. We are already practicing and our first games our the week of Thanksgiving. So the Boys are really excited!

Karlton finished his first week of training at the Nuclear Plant. He has 1 more week to complete before he starts working. PLEASE PRAY that he is excepted. If he is not then he will not get paid for all the time he has in it. WE NEED A PAY CHECK BADLY!!!!!!

Now for the Bad.................

Even though the Nuclear Plant is work and will possibly be an answer to pray it is still hard on us all. We never see Karlton now at all, he work weekends for his company to try to keep it going for now, because he will have to shut it down for the 6 weeks he is working at the Nuclear plant. He (we) is so tired and we both have a lot of extra responsibility. He will be working straight through the holidays, that is if they except him. :0(

Pray for a good week for him and that he has great news this Thursday that they can use him!!!


jodi said...

praying for ya! glad you made it through the swine flu, hopefully everyone will stay healthy for a while now. yeah on the potty training, we are just starting to get in to pull ups and i'm not looking forward to it.

Mom (Nana) said...

We are so glad that Jordan and Sara
are feeling better and praying for
good health for the rest of the family.
Also praying that all goes well for
Karlton and the job.
Way to go Lilee on the potty training. Keep up the good work.
Yeah, Joel! So glad to hear about the straight A's and Terrific Kid. We have no doubt that you can do it.
Siah, stay healthy and do good in school. You can do it.
Mary Ann, stay strong for the family. Our prayers are with you, too. Have a great day!
Love you all so much,
Mom & Dad