Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesdays Prayer List

I am back to my Wed. prayer list. Here are some things that you can pray for, for our family and other prayer request that I have gotten. If you have something you would like us to pray about leave me a message here.

~ Please pray for Karlton this week. This is a huge week for him. He has started training for the next 2 weeks to do some contract work at a Nuclear Plant. If he passes all 25 test over the next 2 weeks then he will work 12 hr. days, 6 days a week for the next 6 wks. which will bring him to the New Yr. If for any reason that he does not pass and they let him go then he will have waisted many days and not get paid for it. One strike against him already is that he had to take off 1/2 the day for a meeting with his lawyer. Please pray that he does not get canned over this!

~ Keep praying for his Bankruptcy! Pray that all works out for the good with it and it will help Karlton to get back on his feet!

~ Also keep praying for work! It is helping, in baby stages... but it is working!

~ Pray the land will get to close. We had to postpone the closing on it at the end of Oct. because of the Bankruptcy. I think the new closing is set in another month. Pray all goes well there!

~ Pray for our health.... We all have been sick over the past few weeks and now Jordan is home in bed , running a fever.

~ Keep praying for me..... These are very stressful times for me. I keep wondering how each bill is going to get paid. By the Grace of God they do.... but it keeps looking worse and worse. I am thanking the Lord for helping me with my hats and tutu's if it were not for them we would be in really bad shape! The money from my sales has saved our behinds more then once. So I guess keep praying they keep selling!! :0) I have had to step it up a lot and basically am a single mom right now with Karlton's long hours and he is trying to work the weekends too. So it is a lot of extra on me right now. The only break I get is when go running. And THANK GOODNESS for running!!!!!!!! Or I would be a bigger bear then I am now! ;0)

~ My friend's husband John is having surgery on his leg today. He has an aneurysm in his leg. Pray all goes well with that.

~ Also my friend Jodi has a friend who is pregnant w/ twins and one of them has died. Please pray the other one continues to do well!!!!

~ My friend Kristy's nephew was born 12 weeks early. Please pray the Lord lays his hand on this baby and heals him and helps him to grow to be strong.

~ Also for my friend Becky's pregnancy! Pray that she and the baby have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

I think that is all for now............. Thank you all for you prayers!


jodi said...

praying, praying, praying!!!! hope all works out for you guys!! and so glad your business has taken off so well.
-My friend (Michelle) is doing great still she's over halfway through and the remaining baby is doing great and its a boy they found out!

Judi and Elaina said...

Keeping you all in my prayers!!!

Kristy said...

Thanks, Mary Ann, for adding my nephew to your prayer list! He is doing good, for now. They say when they're that early you never will be day by day. Today, he is great! :)

I have and will continue to pray for your family and your finances. I know it must be stressful! Also, to be a "single" mom...can't even imagine. I will pray for you!!

I don't have a chance to comment much anymore; however, I do still read your blog and keep up with facebook. :)