Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Little Funny

I thought I would share a little funny with you all...........

Sara Ava came to me on Sunday and said "Mom, did you know there is no Santa Claus .... there is just a rich lady who goes around and buys and gives everyone presents." I replied, " No, I have never heard that in my whole life , so does that mean you don't want to go see Santa at the mall in a few weeks to give him your Christmas List." She said, "YES! I want too." (Guess she just wants to cover all her basis.) I asked," Where did you hear that mess at anyway?" She said, " A girl in my class told me." These are 5 years olds mind you! LOL!!!!!!

The boys were just appalled that she had said that!!!!

So Rich Lady if you are out there ..... Here is my Christmas List!!! I want a stocking FULLLL of Starbucks gift cards!!! Heaven knows I NEED them to get through these next several weeks!!!! Ha!!!

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Judi and Elaina said...

It's amazing how early the comments about "Believing" start.