Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Karlton!!!

Today is my hubby's 38th B/D. I married this man when he was 23 yrs. old ( so guess how old that made me ;0)! He has been my very Best Friend for the last 14 1/2 yrs. Today he woke up to cards from all of us and gifts. Then we spent his B/D doing a little shopping..... seeing Santa Claus.... and eating at Tony Roma's!

Then we came home to eat his favorite kind of cake ..... white cake and white icing! He loves the butter cream icing best!

Then Josiah had us to do a photo shoot. Here are a few of the ones he took.

Now we have a movie to go watch together................ Hope you had a great day today!!!!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Karlton ! We hope you had a Great Birthday! Love Mom, Dad, Kristine,and the rest of us !!!

Mom said...

its not suppose to be anonymous its suppose to be from Mom

Terri said...

Happy Birthday!

Rhonda said...

How fun Mary Ann, you guys are sooo cute together, love the pictures. So glad he had a wonderful birthday. Oh how I miss Tony Roma's!!!! LOL