Friday, December 18, 2009

Looking Back At Our Past Week

It has been a really busy last week! Last Saturday I drove to Florence, SC w/ 4 of the kiddos to meet my family ( mom, dad, grandparents, and nephew ) for Christmas at a really yummy restaurant! They had the BEST giant brownie I have ever had! Sara Ava got sick early that morning so Karlton had to stay home with her. My sister and 2 of hers and my brother did not get to make it either. But we still had a nice time!

Then Sundays are devoted to Basketball after Church.....Our team and Jordan Jr. High Team has practice. Jordan also had a Christmas Party at his Friends house were they exchanged their Secret Santa gifts.

Monday was Jordan's Fall Sports Awards Ceremony. He received a Certificate for Cross Country. The first picture was of him walking back after he got his Certificate...... My Camera's batteries were dying! Ugh!!!!! I had to switch back to the 8X longer batteries because my rechargeable batteries never held a charge!

Wed. night I taught my Women's Bible Study and Josiah went to his Christmas Party at Church.

Thursday ,Sara Ava's K class Sang at K-mart. Lilee woke up that morning running a fever so we had to miss that...... and Sara Ava and Joel's Christmas Parties. I hear they did a great job! :0(
When she came home from School I took her picture in the sweatshirt she had made for their Caroling. She is the 4th little Shrum to make of of these cute little sweatshirts!

Joel and I are not feeling well now.... we both have headaches and are dealing with colds! Ugh!!!! I have been working hard this week finishing up all my Christmas tutu's, hat sets, gift sets, and etc..... I have been to the post office 4 times this week shipping out all my orders. I have shut Cutie Patutuz down until January the 4th, so that I can spend the rest of the time with my kids over the Holidays. I am looking forward to a break but..... I am brain storming and preparing for Valentines Day :0) Other then baking and making a lot of Goodies for my kids and their parties, running , and couponing..... that has pretty much been my week ;0)


Nana said...

Jordan, We are so proud of you for
completing and achieving all that
you did in Cross Country. I'm sure
that took a lot of endurance. You
are a winner always in our hearts.
Sara, you look so cute in your reindeer shirt. Glad you had a good time.
So, sorry everyone has been feeling
bad. Hope you all get well.
We did have a good time last week for our Christmas get together. That restaurant was beautiful. It was the perfect place for a Christmas party. We had our own tree and everything. I'd recommend
Percy and Willy's to anybody.

Rhonda said...

awesome news for Jordan and that sweatshirt is absolutely priceless on your princess :-)