Thursday, February 4, 2010

UPDATE- Hurry!!!! You Don't Want To Miss Out!!!!!!!!

UPDATE - I only have 3 hats left. 1. The hat pictured above 2. the hot pink w/ black bow, 3. and the red hat w/ the white flower or the white carnation your choice. Better Hurry!
I have a few more Valentine Day Hats left! You still have time to buy a hat or a tutu for a present or a perfect accessory for that Valentine Outfit!! Because you all read my blog I am will give you 20% off of any Hat order. Just e-mail me and let me know what hat you want and make sure you include the word BLOG to get your discount on your HAT order! Go here and go through about 2-3 post to see what I have left.


Mama Bear said...

very cute! I got one with an outfit I bought on ebay and Katie has only taken it off during bath time and hair washes, soooo cute!!!!!

Mary Ann said...

Mama Bear.... that is exactly how my 3 yr. old is. She even sleeps in hers. I have to take them off her! ;0)