Monday, February 1, 2010

Some Cuteness

I couldn't resist taking these pictures of Lilee the other day. She had gotten up that morning and dressed herself and then came to me and asked me to put her hair in piggy tails. When ever I am on my computer she gets her little laptop out and usually puts it right beside mine on my desk and plays by my side. But on this day this is how I found her working on the floor w/ her little leg propped up! So how do you all work on your computer??? Do you put your fancies clothes on and sit with your leg propped up? lol....... Maybe she gets it from momma! ;0)


Jenny said...

Normally I am in my sweats--- or pj's for that matter. Don't think I've ever looked that cute working on the computer! She's a doll!

Mama Bear said...

Very cute! I'm usually in my jammies as it's generally early morning or late night!!!