Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm Ba-ack!!!

Sorry I have been MIA lately! We have been soooo busy with finishing up the basketball season (for the 3 boys basketball teams), working on my kitchen, the kids school parent teacher meetings, and scheduling Jordan's classes for High School next year (waaaaa!), not to mention I have had sick kids, you get the point........ I can't wait to see how much our life will change this next week since we are all finished up with Basketball! Anyway.......I am way behind on pictures and I am sure you all would rather see pictures then hear me ramble. So hear are some of the pictures from the last few weeks .... from the ice storm to the snow storm on Valentines weekend....

These pictures are from the ice storm we had about 4 wks ago. This stuff took longer to melt off then the snow we had 2 wks. ago. In Charlotte, in some of the parking lots they still have some sno mounds left at the shopping centers I go to. That is very unusual for around here.

Everything was shinny and sparkly from all the ice. The little bit of white that was on the grass was as hard as stone.

Jordan peeled off the ice from the leaves. Aren't they cool!

We had to chip away at the ice on my Yukan, even with the defrost on full blast it was hard to get off.

These pictures are from Valentines weekend. Here are the girls in their matching Valentine outfits. We had just dropped the kids off so that Karlton and I could go out to dinner, we were suppose to go to a movie but we had to cancel that because it started snowing.

We did get to eat at our Favorite Restaurant! Romano's Macaroni Grill! MMMMMMM! When we came out we were shocked that everything was already covered with snow! We had one WILD ride home!!! It took us 2 hrs to what should have been 1 hr. But we eventually made it... unlike the other 50 cars that we passed who did not. We southerns are not use to those kind of driving conditions! The further south we went the deeper the snow got! By the time we got home we had 5 inches. When I set Lilee down in the snow it went to he knees... she said, "Whoa!"...... That was the scariest drive I have ever made!

Early the next morning we had measured 6 inches of snow. We have not had that much in a few years so the kids were excited!!!

I love it when it snows don't you!? Everything is so clean, beautiful, and peaceful!

We went outside and played in it for 2 hrs. before it all melted away.... very quickly!!!

We all got to sleigh ride.............

Poor Lilee had an accident with Josiah, but she came out with the worst end of the deal. She was not amused!

Sara Ava made a snow angel............

A perfect little snow angel!

Lilee throwing the powdery snow in the air.....

then she tried to make a snow angel.

Mommy trying to snow board....... Ha!

The boys had snow ball battles!

The wind started blowing all the snow out of the trees and Josiah wanted me to take a picture... so hear is what it looked like. It was pretty!

Lilee kept eating the snow and Josiah kept asking her if it was good and she said it was so he had to try it!

Jordan making a snowman.... he took him forever because the snow was not good packing snow.

Jordan with his finished snowman.......

The last picture is 4 of the 5 kids with the snowman. Joel was tooo cold and had already gone in, that is why he was not hardly in any pictures. This was the day that he got sick....

I have a few more post to catch up on to bring us up to date!

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