Friday, November 19, 2010

FFF- Rock Climbing

While up in the mountains last month we were exploring a 2nd water fall when the guys found a cave.

The wanted me to make my way over to them to see it. They waited...... while I had to jump from rock to rock with a camera in tow.

Then I had to do some of this ...........

 I finally got there and was pretty proud of myself for not falling in the water! ;0) But.... on the way back I lost my balance and my camera was heading toward the water, I caught it......but I fell in the water. One shoe at least... It made for a squishy rest of the day. While my camera was falling and catching it, all my batteries fell out and I lost them in the water. But  a least my camera was safe. Whew that was a close one!!!!

I was standing in front of the cave but you can not tell because of the angle the picture was taken.

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