Monday, November 22, 2010

Our Week

I'm sure this week is a busy week for you with traveling, or getting ready for that big Thanksgiving Dinner! This week I will be getting our Thanksgiving Dinner ready, but we will not be traveling. It is so nice not to have to worry about packing up the family to travel. The kids have to finish up their last 2 days of school this week, then the rest of the week they are off. They are very excited! Lilee and I finished up our 1 day of preschool for this week, this morning. Tomorrow she and I will finish up the shopping for our big dinner. Then Friday the boys have already planned on us getting up early for some Christmas sales. Then, this weekend we will finish putting up all our Christmas Decorations. The guys put the lights on the house last weekend when Karlton cleaned out the gutters. Then the rest of the week I have been adding a few things hear and there but not to many because I want to leave the Fall decorations up through Thanksgiving.

So what are you all doing this week? Traveling, hosting dinner, or just staying home with your family and cooking like we are?


jodi said...

we are staying home for the first time! and david has his family thanksgiving lunch at preschool on wed afternoon.

Jason Thomas said...

i live here this year, so I don't have to travel for the holidays.

Love the family picture btw

Mom (Nana) said...

We have just returned today, Saturday from our trip to Florida. (Dad, Caleb and I and Nanny & Pawpaw). After doing a little work (changing a sliding door to a French door in Mary Beth's house, we took the rest of the week to site see, fish in the Oklawaha River and visit family.
Highlight: Learning to catch bass- a big challenge: and touring McIntosh and Micanopy, two towns where the movie, Doc Hollywood was made with Michael J. Fox (years ago). We really enjoyed driving and driving...through the countryside and looking at all of the horse farms.
We came from 85 deg. weather to
41 deg. Can I say "Big YUK!!!"
Love Ya'll bunches,