Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Little Of This And That

Sorry guys this post is going to be all over the place. Just thought I would post about some things that we have been up to recently...... So bare with me!

These are some cupcakes that we recently made..... Pumpkin Cupcakes......Mmmmmm! I got the idea from another blog that I read. Actually Josiah mostly made them. He even frosted and decorated them. These were made for the boys Cross Country dinner. I made extra for us to all have one too ;0)
They are very simple to make. Buy a box of classic yellow cake mix, we already had some cream cheese frosting so I did not have to make any.( But I am sure they would be even better if you did.) You will also need a can of Pumpkin. Replace the pumpkin instead of using water. There you have it! They are very moist and easy to make! These would make a great dessert for Thanksgiving Dinner! 


This week was Super Double Coupons at Harris Teeter. I LOVE Harris Teeter!!!! I Love Super Doubles....I really Love Triple Coupons too but I have not seen that in a long time. I can clean house with triple coupons. I guess a lot of people can too, that is why they have not had them in a while! Anyway back to this week..... I bought $543 worth of groceries for $91.74. That is an 83.5% savings! That means I only paid 16.5%. I know you all can do math....sorry! I am just excited. Now this took me 5 trips to Harris Teeter on 4 different days. You can only use 20 coupons a day per VIC card so that is why it took me so many trips. But I have a buggy full every trip! I have a pretty good start to our Thanksgiving dinner now, minus the turkey.


I haven't posted about my mileage (running) lately. So I thought I would give you an update.... I know you guys probably don't care, but I love seeing it written down and keeping track of what I have done so far. The last 2 weeks I have finally hit the 20 mile mark! Wooo Hooo! That has been a long time coming. I would / should have been doing this a long time ago but I changed over to training for my 2 races for about 6-7 weeks and wasn't worried about working on my mileage as much. So hear is what I have run in the month of October...

WK 1 - 19.4
WK 2 - 18.7
WK 3 - 18.6
WK 4 - 19.3
WK 5 - 20
WK 6 - 20 (1st WK of Nov.)
Total = 116 miles

This week I will not meet my 20 miles. I had a stomach virus that took me out a day from running. I know I should be thankful it was only a day! It had me down 2 days but one of those days was my off day. Miss Lilee started out with the stomach thing on Thursday night and then by Saturday morning I had it! Praise Jesus no one else has had it! I am praying really hard that no one else gets it!!!!


Last but not least can you believe their is only 45 days until Christmas???? Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I haven't on the kids yet but their big present is easy and only has to be ordered on the Internet! They are all getting the same thing this year. Well.... we all are. They want Season passes to Carowinds this year. It's Lilee's dream to ride on a roller coaster.... since that is all she talks about! So that is what she/they will be getting. I know this is very sad but the girls have never been to an amusement park yet. Sara Ava used to be terrified of anything dressed up so I was waiting for her to grow out of that first and she has. I really want to get them to Disney World since the boys have been many times. We used to take them every year. But, with 5 kids I haven't had the desire or energy yet. But I am working on it ;0) lol!  I thought starting with Carowinds would be a start....  I have some smaller items I still have to get them but nothing major. The family shopping is almost done ! Thank goodness, we have A Lot of family so it takes A Lot of shopping.

I know I posted about my Christmas Gift Sets last post but I am working on a lot of new hats. I am already almost sold out since yesterday but I am taking orders. The picture below is a set I have left... I also have 1 newborn hat left. I am still taking a few tutu order infants up to size 6/7. So let me know if there is anything you want. It flies goes quickly!  You can stop by Cutie Patutuz  to see what I have left. I will be adding more thing soon... so keep checking back.

BTW...... I have no idea what I did to change the style of my letters...but I like it!

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