Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Mantel And Decorations

We decorated the inside of our house the weekend after Thanksgiving. The guys started decorating  the outside of the house a few weeks ago and finished over the same weekend. I need to take some pictures of the outside as well...they did an outstanding job this year! I ended up helping put some final touches to the outside. But mainly worked on the inside. I totally redid my mantel this year and LOVE it! I had this image in my head and it turned out pretty close! I have had this mirror in my attic for years.My MIL gave me this antique mirror and it was falling apart, so I decided to put it in the attic until now.... I Love it!

This is the 1st year that I have decorated with nutcrackers. My boys have been collecting them for a few years. I had to borrow some from them, plus I bought a couple for myself....

 I bought 2 "42 inch nutcrackers that I have wanted for years! They were such a good deal I could not pass them up this year!

BTW...... Sorry about the dirty mirror. It was really dirty when it came down out of the attic. I did clean it but apparently it still needs a lot more!

I added the lighted Christmas present lights as well,  those are Karlton's favorite decoration.

All the kids have a tree in their room. I have not taken pictures of those yet, so it looks like I still have lots of pictures to take. Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

This is the first time I have linked up to join in on a blog party but I had to join this Mantel Party!

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Melanie said...

Everything looks truly beautiful, Mary Ann, and SO festive! Your home is so pretty! Can't wait to see the outside pics! We still haven't put our outside lights up yet...and now it's SO cold!

jodi said...

wonderful! everything looks great! we just put up out tree tonight

Jenny said...

It looks so lovely and welcoming! Don't you just love this time of year!?!?

Mary Ann said...

Thanks guys, I do love this time of year! It is cold but it just makes it feel a little more like Christmas!I want snow though if it is going to be so cold!

Mom (Nana) said...

I love the pics of the kids and the
Christmas decorations. Thanks!
I'm so excited about this year's Christmas celebration. Wednesday night is talent night at church and
your Dad, yes,I said YOUR Dad is
playing the Bass Fiddle. Not bad for a fellow that just got this instrument 2 months ago. So FUN!
I just wish you guys were here.
Missing you all!
Love ya tons,
Mom (Nan)

Melanie said...

Very pretty. Love the nutcrackers!