Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our Week

This has been one CRAZY week! The boys had their Cross Country Sports Awards on Monday Night. Jordan had a project so he stayed home while I took Josiah. Karlton and Joel had a tournament at the same time.... It was sooooo cold that night that I did not want to take the girls out of the house so I left them with Jordan while Karlton and I went our separate ways with a child.

Like I mentioned before we are playing in a fundraiser tournament all this week. We will have had 4 games by Friday. Sara Ava's team has 2 games and Karlton & Joel's team 2 games. They each have played 1 game so far. Friday is the next games. If we win those games we play Saturday until we lose. Sara Ava's team has won 1 game so far and almost 2. They went into overtime 3X on Tuesday night. Sara Ava played her little heart out! She is so cute to watch! She is a little go getter! Joel is really good too! We teach our kids to be aggressive on the court and they ARE!!! ;0)

Then there is basketball practices, Jordan has had 2 Wrestiling matches this week, plus 3 days of practice. Not to mention all the Christmas parties, and activities, school field trips, and dr. apts...... Whew.... I am tired and the week is not even finished! I have not made it to any of Jordan's matches to take pictures yet. Karlton goes to watch him, and has taken video for me to watch. So when I get a spare moment I need to get to one so I can take some pictures of him! ;0)

I have also been making tutu's this week and finishing up all my Christmas orders! I believe I am all caught up for the moment! Here is my lastest project that I have been working on. This is a Tutu for a Newborn up to 3 months of age. It also comes with a halter top that ties around the neck and a matching headband w/ flower bow. This set will make a Great Christmas Gift! It is $30.00 ( plus shipping). Buying it all together saves you $3. But if you do not want all 3 pieces let me know I will sell them individually as well. If you are interested e-mail me at

Is your week as crazy as ours??? I'm sure it is with this time of year.

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