Friday, December 10, 2010

A Day To Party

This was suppose to be yesterday's post... just a little late ;0)

Last Saturday was a day of Partying for me...First Karlton and I took our 3 little ones to their Awana's Christmas Party. Where they played games.... (please excuse my son Joel in this picture, he was dressed up in his Christmas sweater but decided to take it off and just wear his undershirt...  ahhhh boys!!! At least the girls kept their clothes on ;0)

They had the parents to play games with their children....but someone needed to hold the babies... I was happy to oblige! Karlton took my spot since I had my hands full. ;0) This is my 2 little ones that I keep in the nursery every Sunday morning, Ella and Ellie.

After the game we headed to the fellowship hall where we were given a plate full of stuff we had to make something out of. Lilee and I created a snowman and a reindeer (just in case you could not tell)

A picture of Lilee and mommy working on our project. Karlton, Joel, and Sara Ava were at another table. I did take a couple of pictures of them too but they did not turn out and one was deleted by mistake. :0( After the kids ate lots of yummy goodies it was time to go.

After the kids party I took everyone home and got Jordan and then we were off to do a little shopping before and after a Christmas Tea at Calvary Church I was invited too. That silly boy stayed out in the car the whole time, and it was cold. It was even sleeting while I was in the church. I left Jordan the keys to stay warm though..He said he couldn't listen to music or read if he went into the church. But afterward he needed to go to the bathroom, so I took him on a tour of the church while we were in there. I also took him to the 3rd floor where the Lady's tea was. They were packing it all away but he still got to see how beautiful it was and meet all my friends.

The tea was so nice and beautiful! I was invited by Melanie who is the daughter of my friend Christine. Christine goes to my church and is my Bible Study. It was really great to meet Melanie after following her on her blog and Facebook! Melanie is getting ready to have their 5th child. She brought her 2 precious little girls to the Tea. They were so cute sitting their drinking their tea like big girls. I didn't get a picture of them :0(  I meet a lot of nice ladies and the music, and speaker were wonderful!

Thanks for inviting me Melanie,  I really enjoyed it!

This was the table I sat at #7. Melanie decorated this table...isn't it beautiful? My pictures do not do it justice. My batteries were dying so that is why most of these pictures are too dark or blurry.

This was my plate of yummy food... Scones and Tea what more could a girl ask for ;0)

I also got to meet another Blogger Friend that I have been following for years, Jenny... It was so nice to finally meet her! She is just as cute in person as she is on her blog. You can visit Jenny and her sweet family here.

This is Jenny's table that she decorated.... I thought it was precious!

 There were so many pretty tables (I think there were 58), they were all different but all came together and made the room look gorgeous!!! Here are a couple of tables I took pictures of, or that turned out I should say. I have to admit my party day was pretty fun!

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