Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday - Joel's B/D CupCakes

Joel's Oreo Cupcakes and Worm Birthday Cupcakes (gummy worms ;0) Mmmmm they were good too, a real hit with the kids!


jodi said...

those cupcakes are so cute!!! david wants me to make them for him now! :)

Mary Ann said...

Jodi, it is not hard! Just crumble up some oreo's and mix them in the frosting. That is what makes them so good. Then stick gummy worms and oreo's on top.

Nana said...

Happy Birthday, Joel! We love you
so much! I'm glad we got to have
you a party here at Myrtle Beach.
It was fun to see you all. Love
the curls!
Love ya, bunches,