Saturday, March 26, 2011

Family Update.... We've Been Busy and My New Product

Wow! I can not believe it has been a week since I last posted! It has been a busy week for us! I have also been painting a lot lately! I repainted my Kitchen Island to match my cabinets, I painted over the summer. Everything looks so bright and clean now. I am also getting ready to paint the walls. I have been painting different colors on my walls so see which color I am going to like. I chose a yellow/gold and a moss green. I want  it to be bright and clean looking in their. So far I think green is winning..... but that is not a surprise since I am a green kind of girl! I will have to post some pictures soon!

This weekend has been rainy and freezing....well, freezing to me anyway! Going from the 80's at the beginning of the week to the 40's today has not set well with my blood! I'm a Summer Girl all the way!

We have also been doing more indoor projects today. I have started painting the big boys wall (partial). I am trying to cover up a pirate map mural that they have grown out of. I leveled out a rectangle and tapped it off to paint. I am painting it red, but it is not covering very well even after 4 coats. I have worked with red before and it is tricky!So New Plan.... Tomorrow I am going to go buy some black chalk board paint and then after it dries we will add frame around it. The boys want to put all their plaques and pictures in the framed out area....When this is finished I will takes some pictures of it too. Maybe some before and after pictures. Karlton has been putting in a new attic access door/stairs today since the old (60 yrs old) one broke and has not been safe. Once he is done with that, I will have to paint it too.

The last 4 week ends we have been working outside in the yard, garden, and Karlton has been building me a new out building since he tore mine down last year. So, it has actually been nice doing indoor projects this weekend. Karlton and Jordan put in 3 above ground garden beds and so far I have planted 2 of them. I have planted Strawberries, several different kinds of lettuce, cabbage, collard greens, broccoli, and 1 bed I planted corn. In the last bed I will plant potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, and peppers. I thought I was going to plant everything but the tomatoes today but with the rain, I will wait another day ;0) For now I have 5 tomatoe plants growing in my bedroom in front of our french doors. lol....

Here is my new 3-in-1 product I have been trying to post for a week now.These are for all ages infant up to adults..... Stop by Cutie Patutuz to see more pictures and colors available. I also have All my new products posted. You will have to look over 2 pages to see them all.

 I am getting ready for another 5K,  I will be running in 2 weeks. Actually I am training for my 10K. I am ready now, but just have to find one on a date I can do. I have been running 6.2 miles now for several weeks now! Finally!

And Last but not least....... something that has been taking up some of my time is we are getting ready for PARIS!!!! Yes, you heard me right! I am FINALLY GOING TO PARIS!!!! I have been trying to get there for 16 years! YIPPEE!!! Can you tell I am excited!!!??? Karlton and I are taking Joel for his big 10 yr. old. trip. The other 2 boys got to go on a special trip for their 10th B/D's so we are trying to keep the tradition going! This is Joel's first time flying...he is the only one of us who has not flown yet and he is excited and nervous! But, he can't wait to go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower! That is all he talks about and draws pictures of! So get ready you will be hearing more about that soon....


Melanie said...

Your Paris trip sounds SO exciting!! How did the 10-year birthday trip tradition start? Where did you go with your first two sons?
Sounds like you have been quite busy in your garden & are going to have a bountiful harvest this summer!!

Mary Ann said...

I sure hope so Melanie. The 2 oldest boys went with me to Guatemala on thier 10th Birthdays. I had scheduled trip to see the girls and I could not bear to leave them home on their birthdays so I took them with me. Plus I also figured they were old enough to experience other parts of the World and always remember it. Josiah actually went and we brought Lilee home 2 days after his B/D he was so proud! Joel's B/D was Feb. 28th and he wanted to go to Paris with us when no one else did. So this is what he gets
to do. Hopefully we will get to keep the tradition going with the girls too. Thanks for asking!

jodi said...

so glad you are finally getting your trip!!! you will have so much fun!

Mary Ann said...

Oh I hope so Jodi! I am so excited! I just pray everything works out and no one get sick or it does not rain the entire time we are there! Europe is pretty rainy this time of yr.