Monday, March 7, 2011

Joel's Banner

Joel was chosen from his 4th grade class to go the an art studio with other kids from around our city to paint a banner. Then they hung them all a long main street and at this historic old home that the city now owns.

Joel banner is of a dragon, in case you could not tell.

Joel was showing me which one was his. We drove all around trying to find his. A few years ago it was on Main St. Joel is a very talented little artist and I hope he continues it through out all his school year!


jodi said...

this is so cool! he must be really excited to see his artwork displayed!

Mary Ann said...

I think I am more excited then he is Jodi! But he was pretty proud when we finally found it after searching for about 15 min for it.

Nana said...

You are such a good artist. Keep
it up and one day you'll be a great and famous artist. I love your banner.
Love ya bunches, Nana