Saturday, September 12, 2009


We have been working on some much needed projects the last few weeks. I told you all we worked all last weekend cutting down huge limbs getting ready for the winter. Our whole front yard was full of them until the city came and took them away. Karlton also cleared out a huge area to get ready for a garden. We will plant a few things for the fall , but mainly we are getting it ready for the early spring. My little garden did not do so well that I had planted this year. We got a lot of cherry tomatoes and peppers, but after I got it all planted my dogs came dug it up. I was able to replant and save some of the plants but for the most part it did not do well after that. I have a little watermelon growing right now. That the kids are proud of. Lol!

This is my little pond I have been working on for a couple of summers now. Last summer I finally got the water good enough to put fish in. They are doing great and are getting so big. I bought 4 water plants in the spring and now they have taken over. This picture is after I gave 2 bags full of plants to my mother-in-law for her ponds. They were growing out of my pond, they are really for the water and my fish. Last weekend I bought the last little bit of the edging stones for around the pond, I have been buying them a little at a time. So what do you all think?

(The last little bit of unfinished cabinet)

Last summer we put had to tear out our bottom cabinets because we had a water pipe burst and ruin them. We replaced them with oak unfinished cabinets and I also got new counter tops too. Finally after a year I have decided what I wanted to do with them. I had some left over primer so I got busy and painted them. I have chosen an off white paint called Cappuccino White, so that is what I will be doing this weekend. Once they are all painted then I will go back and sand around some of the edges to rough them up , to make them looked aged. My kitchen has a far way to go but I am happy to be getting started. Next we will be building a shelf over my sink. There is lots of painting to do and then I need a new counter top for the island. But that will have to wait for a while. At least paint is not expensive and I can work on my kitchen a little at a time.
All these projects have hardly cost anything, but they sure do make a huge difference!
And of course I have been working on my new fall/winter line for Cutie Patutuz. I have order some different color beanies and new flowers. I also am taking orders for Halloween tutu's. So, I have my hands full of projects right now. But I love it!


jodi said...

your yard always looks so beautiful in all your pics. your'e such a great gardener!

Rhonda said...

You are ONE busy mama!! What a gorgeous pond you have and I am sure it is with great satisfaction to have some of the projects done or seeing progress (hint to my hubby!)