Sunday, February 13, 2011

6 Miles

I ran my best ever so far today.......6 road miles in 56 minutes, with no stops. Yippee!!! I am running in my first 10K next month, I only have 2 tenths of a mile left to go before I am ready. I could have done it today easily and almost did, but my legs started getting a little stiff so I chose to stick with my 6 miles for a couple of weeks. 2 weeks I will be ready to roll! hopefully ;0).......  Today was the perfect running day. 60 degrees and sunny..... I was loving it!!!! 20 months ago I would have never dreamed of me running 6 miles let alone a mile. All I can say is it is in my blood now!!! All you runners know what I am talking about....Don't you? :0D


Mom said...

Congratulations! Keep up the good
work and good luck on the 10K.
LOVE ya tons,

Mary Ann said...

thanks mom!