Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Little Rainbow Brite's

I took these pictures on Saturday while the girls were playing outside. It was a nice warm sunny day! Something we have not seen much lately! We had just been to a friend's funeral ( who fought cancer for several years and finally lost the battle :0(  ), and then came home to play and enjoy the sun before Karlton took all the kids to a local Circus here in our little town. I was finally able to take pictures of Sara Ava on her new bike that she got for her B/D.

BTW....... I bought the cute little sweater dresses online from Children's Place (on sale and then with a coupon) for $4.24 ea. I bought them for next year, but thought they were so cute couldn't wait until next year ;0)


Nana said...

Sara and Lilee,
You look so cute in your rainbow
sweater-dresses. I like your bikes.
Have a great day. Remember that
Nana loves you. Bunches!

Jenny said...

I LOVE their dresses! Your are the DEAL finding queen!!!