Friday, February 11, 2011

More Projects

I have been really busy lately making things for Cutie Patutuz! So.... that is why I have not been posting anything lately! I have not really been taking many pictures either because I have been so busy. are a few little project that I have been working on for myself and the girls.

This is my Shoe Candy I made for my shoes. Aren't they cute! They are removable....I actually put them on a hair clips so I guess they could be worn in the hair too. I also want to make some Valentine Shoe Candy... But, I need to get going on that since Valentines Day is Monday ;0).

I also have made the girls matching shirts in both colors with their Initials..... I really want to make some ruffle pants for these! If I can ever find enough time to make 4 pr. of pants..... Unless I can find someone who can sew that would like to trade out some I would Seriously do that though!!! Anyone????

What do you think?

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