Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day! How is your Valentines Day going to be spent? My kids woke up to home made Valentine Cards this morning from me (us) with some little goodies....heart shaped little personal cakes and candy. The gave the girls the little message candies and the boy chocolate. The kids exchanged their cards and candy last night to one another since we have such a busy day today. They were dressed for their parties and took their Valentine Cards and candy to school today! Well....Sara Ava and Joel did. Josiah took a big box of chocolates out the door for his girl friend ;0).

I gave Karlton his chocolates and picture Valentines Card. It all has a Charleston meaning to it since that is where were will be spending our Valentines, next weekend....Alone! We have not been to Charleston alone since before the girls came home from Guatemala. We are staying at our Favorite place... The Meeting Street Inn. It takes us back in time (which I Love!) and they have wonderful breakfast and wine and cheese! The card I gave Karlton looked like this................

He took this picture of me at The Inn when we were in Charleston for the day back in August. Karlton took me in the fence and said " here at least let me get a picture of you here since we have not been here in forever! " ;0)

This will be our special gift to one another and I can't wait! There is a really yummy French restaurant that we will be eating at that is just down the street from this Inn, with lots of shopping near by! ;0) We also are planning on going to a movie....and just walking around the historic section where we will be staying. One of my favorite things to do there is to look at all the old houses and gardens, and go on a tour of one or two. What more could a girl ask for!!!! Oh yeah......Karlton surprised me with these beautiful roses on Thursday! I was shocked... the night before I was saying to my Bible Study that after almost 16 years of marriage I don't get flowers anymore. I think someone said who was it?? lol...... ;0)  Karlton did good didn't he!?



Mom (Nana) said...

Happy Valentines Day to everybody!
Hope you all have a beautiful day.
Mary Ann, that is a gorgeous
picture of you in front of the
fountain. The flowers are beautiful, too. Karlton, you did good.
Can't wait to see you all this weekend.
Kids, we are going to have so much
Love you all so much,
Mom (Nana)

Mary Ann said...

thanks mom!

The Burleys said...

Hope y'all have fun in Charleston. Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!

Mary Ann said...

Thanks Heather!