Wednesday, May 25, 2011

15 Already!

This is Late because I was having trouble logging into blogger...Better late then never I guess!

I can not believe that this child turned 15 years old on Monday! Yes, it is true....hard to believe but its true! He thought he was going to miss the first part of school on Monday to go and get his driving permit....NOT!
I have been totally unwilling to get his permit until he told me he can not get his licence until he is 17. I think they just passed that law in SC? Not sure but I like the idea!

Happy Birthday Jordan! We Love You and are very proud of how hard you work in school and all the goals that you set for yourself and achieve! Keep it up buddy!!!


Jason Thomas said...

Happy Bday. Looks like a great kid!

Mary Ann said...

thanks jason, he really is a great kid!