Friday, May 13, 2011


Josiah had asked me to take pictures of him last week and as we were taking this picture Daisy decided she would come up and put her paws on either side of Josiah's head and almost laid on him. Since we thought she wanted her pictures taken so badly Josiah decided she had to wear some shades too.....

                                                                What do you think????

I think she was trying to give us different looks for the camera. The first one she was trying to play suave and the last one all smiles. I think she was watching Josiah a little too closely! lol....

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Mom (Nana) said...

Tooo funny! Dogs are so funny. Batman knows when we're talking about him and tries to "ham it up "

Josiah you are handsome in all of your pictures.
Have a great Sunday. Stay safe and healthy.
My love to everybody,