Friday, June 26, 2009

Bikini Babes - FFF

Oh how I love me some chubby baby booty in their bathing suits! But ,it can be a problem.... Lilee's bathing suit is always in her crack! Ughhhh! Lilee is like her mama with having a little extra junk in the trunk . Sara Ava certainly does not have that problem her swim suits always bag on her because she has thinned out so much from getting taller.
* Speaking of swim suits..... OLD NAVY has all theirs for (everyone) $5 this weekend only! Better hurry though! They are going fast! Selected shorts too!


Rhonda said...

HOW cute! They are gorgeous in those suits. Happy weekend.

Terri said...

So very cute!
Hey, yesterday I went to the mall and Victoria Secret had some of their makeup for 75% off again incase you need anything. I'm guessing all stores have the same sale?