Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Starting A New Prayer List

Every Wednesday I am going to be putting up a prayer list. If you have anything you want me and others to pray about leave me a comment here. We need to pray about each of these items daily for the week. We need to come together and pray for each other! I don't know about you all but it sure makes me feel better anyway, knowing that others are out their lifting my/our name up to the Lord!

Here is mine...............
I am still asking prayer for the Lord to send (plenty of) work for Karlton. Times are very rough and scary right now! We are still behind on a few pay checks and He has allot of business related bills that are not getting paid, so we are hearing about those 100x a day. So Please lift our family up in prayer right now. It is a very stressful time!

Now please add your prayer request..........................


Vanessa said...

Mary Ann, Your family has continued to be in my prayers!! We lost our very loved family pet today very suddenly so I just ask for peace for my kids. We left home and she was fine and came home to find her dead in the yard!! Not sure what happened, but it still hurts the same!
We also may be moving so I'm asking for peace for us in our decision making process! Thanks for doing this! Friends who pray together stay together!!

Mary Ann said...

Vanessa, I am sooo sorry! I will be praying for you and your family! I know that it hurts so much for you all!

Mom (Nana) said...

As always, we are praying for you and Karlton and the kids, and for Karlton's work and bill situation.

I would like to ask you and your friends to remember our other daughter (your sister) Kristine as
she is to have her third child by
"C" section next Wed. June 17, 2009
if she makes it that long. Please pray that everything goes well in all that goes along with having a baby and they will both be very healthy through all of the delivery.

Remember our son, Caleb (your brother). He is going for a job interview a 4:00 today. He is trying to get a better paying job with benefits. We just don't know if this will be the right one.

Love ya'll bunches,
Mom (Nana)