Friday, June 5, 2009

Some Really Good Buys ....

Here are some of my best buys from the last 2 days. I bought these 19 items for a grand total of $3.62 , I saved $34.91.

CVS I bought:
-6 cans of soup for .06 cents
How? They had their soup 2 for$1 and I had a coupon for $2/1.
I ended up paying the tax.

Walgreen's I bought:
-2 Ecotrin .32 cents
How? They had it on sale for $2 ea. and I had coupons for $2 off, but it even gets better. After you buy them it spits out $2 RR for each one you buy so I had $4 to spend. So I bought.
-2 Colgate's that were .99 ea.
-2 dawns that were .99 ea.
I needed a filler for .04 so I bought the dried cranberries for $1. So that made my total at Walgreen's $1.62 for 7 items.

Harris Teeter I bought:
-4 bags of wacky mac pasta -Free
-1 box of Special K cereal -Free
Just paid the tax of .26 cents for all.
then I bought:
-1 spray -n- wash for $1.75
How? I had a coupon for a free box of Special K , 2 rain checks from last weeks deals for b1g1 free and then I used my coupons that they doubled for the rest.

I also went to Food Lion yesterday that is not pictured and bought:
-1 green bell pepper .99
-1 Peanut Butter .89
-1 Special K cereal -Free
-1 loaf of bread- .97
-OM Jumbo Hot dogs -Free
Total $3.03
Saved $10.98
How? I had coupons for a free Box of Special K and the OM Hot dogs. Then I used a $1 off coupon for the Peanut Butter. The other items were on sale.

My total for the 2 days was:
$6.65 for 25 items.
I saved $ 45.89

When I took Joel(8) to Food Lion and spent $3.03 on the 5 items he said $3's that all??
Then today when I bought my 1st order from H.T it was for the .26 , Jordan(13) said Whoa!!!!
I love it when my kids know that we got a good deal! I am teaching them at a young age to shop with coupons. Now every where we go they ask do you have a coupon for that? Lol!!! Most of the time I wish! Wouldn't it be nice if there was a coupon for every thing? Esp. Gas!!!?


Terri said...

AWESOME!!!!!! You go girl!!!!!

Live to love and laugh said...

FANTASTIC!!! That is so great.
Train those boys right :)
I am sure your husband also appreciates your efforts to pinch pennies.

Mary Ann said...

Cindi, Karlton can not believe how much I have been saving. He won't be complaining about me shopping anymore at least!Lol

The Hardy Family said...

That's awesome!! I just love deals!! My kids know how much I love coupons, too!

Heather said...

Have you gone to Kmart here where we live to see if they are actually doubling coupons? I called the store today, and the lady I talked to said they are NOT. But, I emailed the Kmart Corporate office earlier in the week, and they said all SC Kmart stores are paticipating. Let me know if you find out anything!

Mary Ann said...

I know I went to K-mart on Sunday and they said they were not doubling. Which is a downer! I read where someone else e-mailed k-mart and they too said that all SC stores where doing it. Grrr!