Monday, June 29, 2009

The Boys FootBall Camp

The boys were invited to a football camp last week by one of Karlton's friend (Joe) who son( Chris Canty) is a NFL Player. He played for the Dallas Cowboys last year but was drafted to the New York Giants for $42 Million w/ a $17 Mill. signing bonus! Nice huh! The camp was in Charlotte Thurs- Sat. and cost $150 per child. The best part was the boys way was paid and we did not have to pay anything but the 3 days of gas running back and 4th. They would have never had a chance like this other wise.

3 Very Happy Campers!

They were worked so hard from 7:30- 12:00 everyday, in the HEAT!!!!!!!

The ride that brought all the players! They had several players from alot of different teams there to help coach the kids and teach them how to play football . (Panthers, Giants, Cowboys, Patriots to name a few.)

Water break.... It was so hot they had to keep these kids well hydrated!

On Sat. after the camp was over they had a big cook out and all the players signed autographs for the kids. My boys looked forward to this all week! This is Chris Canty #99 signing one of the boys football.

Here's Chris with all the kids! (This guy is 6 '8). He has always given the boys t-shirts, footballs, pictures, autographs ever since he played college football. Nice guy huh!!!! His Dad is super nice too and has known Karlton for about 10 years now through work. Chris' mom is a pastor.

This is Brandon, one of the players that the girls and I talked to while we watched the boys on Fri.

This guy Mike Barber( #53 player for the Cowboys) loved the girls! He was another one we got to know . Every time he would see the girls he would say "there's my girls" and would give the high five or pick them up.

Tony George.......

Some of the I did not know. But, that does not mean anything since I do not watch football. Unless its the Panthers!

This is one of Joels buddies ( Tay Tay) he made during the camp. His other buddy was Jason Hatcher. He called Joel mini me.
So I guess you can tell the Boys had a great time! They are still pumped about going....This was a once in a life time thing for them!


Heather said...

How fun for them! Looks like they had a great time!

Terri said...

How cool!!!!! I can only imagine how exciting that was!!!

SE said...

What a fun time for you, your boys, and your girls! It was great meeting you on Sunday at CBC-Lancaster.

Joshua's blog and his mom Angie said...

How exciting!!! WOW!!! Great pics!!

Hannah said...

What a great opportunity for the boys! I hope they had a great time :)

Rhonda said...

What a fun time for everyone. Way exciting!

jodi said...

how cool is that!! what an opportunity too. looks like you all had a good time

Nana said...

I'm glad you all got the chance to
do such a cool thing and meet so many
famous people and get their autographs. I know that meant a
lot to the kids. Hope ya'll keep having a great summer and that we'll
see you soon.
Love and miss you,

The SC Denneys said...

Hey Mary Ann,

I miss you lots and lots. We have been laying low this summer because of the killer class I have been taking a Winthrop. It is over now so maybe I will be out a little more. I think you all starting going to Beyond and we started going to traditional. We must be like two ships passing in the night. We will get together soon. I am glad the boys had the opportunity to go to FB camp. Have a great rest of the summer. See you soon. :)