Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesdays Prayer List

*I HAVE A HUGE PRAISE UPDATE THAT I JUST RECEIVE FROM A FRIEND OF MINE AND FELLOW GUATEMALAN ADOPTION MOMMY, ANN........ She just e-mailed me to let me know that after years of trying to get 3 very special sisters home to the USA, they finally have their Embassy Apt for JULY 1 and will be arriving home on either JULY 3rd or 4th. What a Celebration that will be! Ann has already adopted 4 sweeties from Guatemala and is now getting the rest of their family home! PRAISE JESUS!!! Why are these girls so special to me??? When Karlton and I thought that Lilee's adoption was falling through back in Dec 2006. We found these 3 sisters who desperately needed a family and we so very much wanted to be their family but God had other plans with Lilee. So Karlton and I turned it over to God that he would find the perfect family for them and we prayed for these little girls until they did and then one day I stumbled upon Ann on and found out that she and her hubby was adopting the girls and we have stayed in touch ever since and I have prayed for them through every step of the way. Even though Guatemala's adoption has been shut down for 1 1/2 yrs. and these girls were grandfathered- in they are FINALLY COMING HOME TO THEIR PERFECT FAMILY! THANK YOU JESUS for answering the many prayers that were for these girls!!! (This picture is from Dec. 2006 when we were wanting to adopt them. I will update a new picture when Ann sends me one when she is with them.) These little girls have gone through sooo much in their short little lives. They were abandoned on the street with the oldest sister taking care of them all. But now they have a forever family!!!! Isn't God good!
* Another update my mom just called to tell me they put my sister Kristine back in the hospital with Eclampsia. This is a week after she had Elina. So please pray for her right now.

Its time for our new Wed. prayer list. Here are some prayers request that I received this week.

(If you have anything that you would like to add for us and others to pray about just leave me a comment .)

* My sisters new baby Elina failed her hearing test at the hospital, so please pray that will turn out OK.

* Jodi asks prayer for her parents church , Satin just likes to stick his nose in where ever he can to cause problems.

*Please continue to keep our family on your prayer list! We always need it!! The 2 main things to pray for us on is......

1. The Lord will send Karlton plenty of work to keep him busy. (also see praises below) We are still behind on 2 pay checks (but its allot better then 4!!!)

2. That we will sale our land/ garage quickly! We need this money to get back on our feet and to pay many of Karlton's Business debts off!

We do have many things to be Thankful for this week and would like to give the Lord Praises where they are due!!!

1. We sold our old work vehicle and 4-wheeler, this week. That helped us to recover on some unpaid bills and get caught up on 2 pay checks.

2. We have had a glimmer of light with work this week compared to the past month or 2. But it is still very , very slow!

So THANK YOU ALL for Praying with us!!!! It is certainly helping and we can feel your love! We can also see the Lords hand at work which is very reassuring!!!!

If you want to move to SC to buy 4 gorgeous acres with a 2 stall garage / living space over it let me know! Lol! We never got to finish the garage, but it is really nice with a gorgeous piece of land connected to 20 acres of open grassy flat field.


Terri said...

Praise God those girls are coming home!!!!!!!

I'm so sorry about your sister!

jodi said...

lots of praises!! good to see that. we will still keep praying for all of you.

**my update-- at my parents church the mediator has done all the interviews with the church members and is now preparing the report to give to the pastor with his suggestions. so far so good***

Rhonda said...

I am so sorry about your sister but praising God for bringing home three more precious Guatemalan angels.

Vanessa said...

Praise the Lord that He is leading three more precious children to their forever families!!

Thanks for doing this because it's nice to know others are in prayer for our family! I would like to pray for some personal things going on and for us to be lead to the right decision with a possible move!