Friday, January 8, 2010

A Very Special Little Girl........

Turns 6 today! Happy Birthday Sara Ava! We can not believe how quickly you are growing up and turning into a big girl! We can't believe that you are in Kindergarten , have lost teeth already, and especially have been home where you were meant to be for over 3 years now! Wow....Time flies when your having fun!!! ;0)

It only seems like yesterday that Karlton and I flew to Guatemala to throw you a Birthday party for your 2nd Birthday. I vowed then that since I missed your first Birthday, I would never miss another one ever again! And here we are already on Celebrating your 6th B/D.

Here is a trip down memory lane........ This was our 2nd visit trip to Guatemala to see Sara Ava. We threw her a birthday party at Quinta Real and invited everyone who was there visiting their children they were adopting. I packed a whole birthday party into a suitcase except for the yummy cake and the pinata. I had given our facilitator money on the previous trip to buy these for her party. We also, invited the facilitator and her husband and the Foster family. It turned out to be a really nice party!


Vanessa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS!!! May all your wishes come true!!

Nana said...

Happy Birthday, beautiful girl! You
are the sweetest, most precious,
smartest and happiest little girl as
anyone would ever want. And we are so
glad you are a part of our family.
Stay the way you are. And always remember that Nana and Pawpaw love you so very much.

Rhonda said...

Oh, what a fun time and a truly beautiful picture of your princess.

jodi said...

happy birthday Sara Ava!!!!!

Mama Bear said...

Happy belated special birthday to a gorgeous princess. Time sure flies by. LOVED going down memory lane and seeing all the pictures. It is soooo much fun. thanks for sharing those. what a huge pinata!!!